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Sharing Resources

Lists to Learn 

These lists are the secret to my success. They are a must to memorize.

How to Tell a Million Dollar Story

Here are tips on how to put your story together, what to include, how long it should be and other great tidbits.

What to Say When you Meet Someone New

Here are some great ideas on how to start a conversation about health and Life Force with new people.

Harvest Story

How the seaweed for Body Balance is harvested.

Qualifying Questions

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself and the people you are trying to help with Life Force products.

What Do You Want From Your Life?

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself about what you want for the future, and what you want out of Life Force.

Follow-up Questions

The Health and Wealth Fortune is in the Follow-up. These are the questions that build relationship.

The Incredible Life of NetWork Marketing

Questions for the Health Challenged

A questionnaire for people facing health challenges, everyone should fill one of these out to help pin point your symptoms, behaviors, and for some suggestions.

Script for Trade Show

A script for calling the people that you have met at a trade show.


Overcoming Objections

Handling Objections

Q & A style list of common objections and the most effective answers. This list will help you share about Life Force's products with confidence.

Compensation Comparison

Here are the numbers. A brief Comparison of the Life Force compensation plan versus many other network marketing company compensation plans.

Napkin Presentation

This is the Napkin Presentation and simple business plan.


Core Call Resources

Core Call Instructions

Follow these instructions to set up and run a bridge call.

Core Call Worksheet

Follow -up or support is THE key to my success.  I use this worksheet to track and support a new person in sharing their success with others.


Getting Started

Magazine Cover Letter

Rave reviews are coming in from all fronts about the response to the magazine

First Steps in Starting Your Life Force Business

This is a list of steps that will help you jump-start your Life Force business.

Life Force Work Flow

This is a step by step structured out line on how to get started in the business.

Holly's Big Secret

What's the Big Secret to being successful with Life Force? Holly has laid it all out in a step by step guide.

10 Step Pattern For Success Training

This program will allow you to easily train your downline to use a proven and effective method of increasing their business.


Becoming a Leader


These are the twelve megatraits of successful people.

Leadership Development

Encouragement and information on how to be a leader and what it takes.


Further Reading and Training

Recommended Books and Materials

This is a list of highly recommended books and materials that will help you in your business and health.

Educational Resource for Your Prospects


Audio/Video Presentations

Holly's One-Day Training

This four disc training will provide you with everything from the basics of starting a Life Force business to taking your business to the next level. It is currently available as a free download.

Holly's Key Note Speech 2004

This is Holly's Key Note Speech at a Life Force convention in 2004. This file is currently available as a free download.


Other Resources

Company Letter

A letter from Ron Hillman, President of Life Force International, about the company and products.

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29 Point Screening

Our goal with these principles is to give you a powerful analysis tool, and to help you find companies where the part-time distributor has a reasonable chance at making net profit quickly, without expending a lot of their own money in the process.


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