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Core Call Instructions

Follow the instructions below to set one up for yourself.


This is an outline for Core Calls, that I have found, to be the most effective, educational and fun!  If you are not on a call, get 5 or 6 other people and create one for yourself. It's easy, fun and I find the people who are most successful are really treating this like a business and are the ones on the calls!!! Everyone needs to be supported. You are not supposed to do this business by yourself.  So Don't. This is easy and absolutely the best use of your time for learning this business that I know of. 

The theory is: most people are not, by nature, self motivated.  Also, they had a life before Life Force! Trying to fit this in and do what it takes to do this business is, for many, overwhelming, especially because there's no "Boss" or "Punch Card" and Thank God for that !! It is very easy to get side tracked with the "I'll do it later" day to day survival mentality.

The Core Call is a way of having the undivided attention of a number of people who are in the same business, and who are there  SOULY to support you in YOUR BUSINESS .  They are there to listen, co-create, mastermind and cheer you on. They have nothing invested except to learn from your experience.  It's a Brilliant way to learn and stay on track and very comforting to know that there are people who are unselfishly invested in YOUR SUCCESS , as part of their own learning. Now where else can you get this kind of support, especially given the price tag?  What a concept!!

If done right, the Core Call is the most valuable tool we have. The people on them are your allies and team!!  If you don't have a team, your downline won't. People will do what you do. Which means you need to get on a team, and you need to get your downline on a  team (or "Core Call") as soon as possible.

Core Call Outline

Arrive at least 3 minutes before the call so that you can start on time, say your hellos and be respectful of each other's time.

BE ON TIME !!! It's a courtesy to others and one of the things that you will be known by, your commitment to keep your word. After all, isn't that all we have?

Take turns hosting the hour and following the format below. Ideally, you will have someone on the call who is knowledgeable and can answer questions and offer solutions to whatever challenges are brought up. Keep track of any questions that can't be answered and go to your upline or their upline to get them answered for the following week. Begin by going round and getting the questions below answered for each of you. (Remember to have someone self select to be the facilitator and time keeper for the call.) (This is also a great way to qualify a new person and find out how serious they are about owning their life; both health and/or wealth wise.)

Do one person at a time and go through all the questions first and quickly without comments or qualifications. Give a number for each question and everyone write down their own numbers.

This should take 3 or 4 minutes each for all 12 questions. While the next person is answering, you be thinking about what it would take for you to get to a 10 for each of the questions you answered not yet at a 10.

Then move on to the ABC's of Christa Way, (a Crown Diamond in our upline).  Attitude, Belief and Commitment. Then apply the ABC's to the Company, the Products and You

Do the same with Belief and then Commitment , now having a total of 12 questions asked and 12 numbers as answers.

The next question to ask is: What do you need, to get to a 10 on each of the questions you answered less then a 10? Now go around again and let each person respond to each of their 12 questions as to what they need. They may need to meet the corporate staff, personally witness results with the products, do personal growth work, get educated about the industry, etc.

The facilitator and the group need to be ready to mastermind, support and supply the person with ideas if requested. This may take a number of Core Calls to get through everyone's questions and needs.

This is  TOTALLY the FOUNDATION of your Team Building and YOUR Personal Success .

THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS .   YOUR whole business is dependent on your knowing and getting the answers to these questions. You need to do this for yourself so that you can turn around and teach your downline to do this. Remember, we are teachers of teachers.

We will all be Mentored by someone and then turn around and Mentor someone else, and hopefully, lots of someone elses!

You must ultimately get to a 10 to where you are INVINCIBLE about what you are doing and your attitude, belief and commitment to the company, products and your ability to share them.

If you are not passionate, people will know it and pick it up energetically. This is the real work. It's where the heart strings get tied. For me, it's the best part!! If it takes you three years, it doesn't matter. This business often demands the highest price in terms of personal growth and getting out of your comfort zone, and on balance, it yields the highest rewards at  EVERY level.

Do not under play this first exercise. Know what you need to do to get to a 10 and where you are going and use each other to get there. It's a fabulous journey!!!

So CELEBRATE each other for "every" "thing" each of you does. Each one of you holds the hope for each other and remember when two or more are gathered together........ and that one plus one equals 11.  By committing to these calls, it may just be the support YOU NEED to not give up, and make it to  YOUR OWN "WHY ".

Once you've finished with the 12 questions for each person on the call you are ready to begin the 

Educational Check-in  updates and the Weekly Support Topics and Questions . Ideally, this should take about 10 minutes per person . Therefore, having more then 6 people on a call just means a longer call.

The Educational Check-ins are to track where each of you is and make sure that nothing gets left out in you 6 months to a year Educational Process. Everyone needs to download the "Downline Tracking Card Check List" which is exactly what it says.

There is a list of Tools, Calls, Tapes and Reading Material to learn about Life Force and the industry on "Where to get started in your Life Force Biz" then check things off on the "Downline Tracking Card Check List" in my website.

Your first job is to just know where everything is and to be able to direct someone else there.

Ultimately, you need to know everything and that just takes time, so settle in and enjoy the process.  It's totally OK to say, "I am just learning, too". "I am not an expert, but this is information  WE all need to know!"

What I recommend is: check off what you have already read or listened to on the "check list", and then, on the Core Call, commit to what you are willing to learn the following week. What this will do for you is hold you accountable to the group and hopefully motivate you to actually take another step knowing you will be reporting in the next week. It's hard to motivate yourself on your own in the presence of Life. This is the best way I know of BY FAR to help you learn what you need to know. Have fun with it and acknowledge each other for getting "each" "thing" done. 

We all NEED to be appreciated and recognized which makes this a delightful way to learn.

Remember, everything you do is one step closer to the " WHY " that you are doing this for in the first place!!

Weekly Support Topics and Questions are the questions that get asked and answered every week by each person. They are invaluable to supporting you and your business and keeping you on track. These are your peers and your support team. They are there to hold you accountable and support you in learning this business. It's a different animal. Don't be fooled and try to recreate the wheel. We are all trying to give you every possible tip. That's the joy. It's a win-win, and your success is our success. Another brilliant concept!!

This is also a time for new information like; get your tickets for Life Force Convention as the tickets go up in March, or there's a meeting and training coming up, etc.

The easiest way to get your business off the ground is get out two 8-packs of Body Balance and give them out in a week! Pass them out to everyone you would like to work with and say, "I love this stuff and I have heard some amazing things about it, (and list a few), and would you be willing to try this out and if you don't like it I will buy it back?" Then give them a tape and send them to my web site and have them read the Testimonials, The Beginning: Cell Saturation, and Why to Cell Saturate. Also that is very duplicatable. Very important! This is how I got started, only I gave them away. DON'T DO THAT!

My first check after that was $800 plus, my second check was $1300 plus, and my next was $2700.  The good news is if you are serious about this and know that you will do it, put it on your credit card and by the time the credit card bill comes in you will already have money back in the bank to pay for it. I have started so many people this way. Believe in your self and let the product speak for itself. It works and your business will be up and running.

Enjoy your calls.

Blessings on all of you,

Love, Holly

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