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How to Build a Solid Product Business


  1. Read Follow up Business Questions, which is a document of questions to be answered while going through the Cell Saturation Program. (Included there is the introduction to the business possibility of a serious income.)
  2. Read How to Tell a Million Dollar Story and learn how to tell your own story if you are interested in getting your products paid for.
  3. Read Megatraits, if you are thinking about creating a business with Life Force. Then make a list of people you know, with whom you would like to share this opportunity.
  4. Share Life Force and Body Balance using Lists to Learn as a template for discussion on my web site. Memorize lists 1 through 4 in the handout and be able to include them in your conversation.
  5. Tickler file tracking card: This card can be downloaded on card stock and used to keep track of each person. Fill out the contact info on the front and mark each box on the back of the tracking card when your new person has completed or mastered that information. "Mastered" means they know it well enough to teach that category. (This is a PDF file, which you can open and print. You can also save the document to your computer and email it to a professional printer who can print up these cards for you.)
  6. Qualifying Questions are the deeper questions we all want to be asked. These questions will begin to identify where a person is in their life and if they would be interested in our business.
  7. Health Evaluation During Cell Saturation: Here are the 5 categories to review and re-rate weekly with your new person. This questionnaire will make your new person aware of the changes that are happening in each of the categories that they might not otherwise have noticed. This will encourage them to keep going with the Cell Saturation Process. (This is a PDF file, which you can open and print.)

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