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Body Balance - Complete foundational nutrition

Whole food nutrition with over 121 nutrients. Contains 9 different sea vegetables andorganic aloe vera juice. It nourishes your body on a cellular level to promote overall health and wellness. It gently detoxifies the body while replacing your cells with rare earth minerals that are crucial to balancing our bodies chemistry.  (Liquid)

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OsteoProCare - Excellent source of calcium

1200 mg of calcium, 600 mg magnesium, with glucosomine and chondroitin proven to rebuild cartilage and strengthen connective tissue. Beneficial for reversing osteoporosis and arthritis. (Liquid)

Body Balance and OsteoProCare are best used together

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Flexeoplus - For healthy joints

Contains glucosomine, MSM and ipriflavone to improve joint flexibility, enhance calcium absorption, and promote healthy healing and rebuilding of cartilage and connective tissue. (Liquid)

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Sunbright - Herbal support to energize

A blend of time tested herbs and phytonutrients that help; sustain energy, ADD, libido, anti ageing, and support mental clarity, stamina and endurance, great for athletes. (Liquid)

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Sunset - Herbal support to calm the nervous system

A blend of time tested herbs and phytonutrients that help with stress, depression and sleep and maintain a sense of calm. (Liquid)

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Sunset and Sunbright may be used together


Amino Charge- Protein supplement to build muscle and burn body fat

Contains all 10 essential amino acids, has an amino regulator that puts an ionic charge on the amino acids which puts them into a bondable state ready to be absorbed. (Powder)

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True Greens - A salad bar in a jar!

Every tablespoon contains the equivalent of 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables.  Contains over 30 concentrated fruits, vegetables, grasses, grains, probiotics, and enzymes. Loaded with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients.  (Powder)

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Colon Cleanse - Aids healthy elimination and cleansing

Combination of fiber, activated charcoal and herbal tablets to gently cleanse out your colon. Detoxify the body by aiding healthy elimination.  (Powder and herbal tablets)


Colloidal Silver - Nature's perfect antibiotic

Anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic - will kill 650 single cell pathogens not by poisoning the bad bugs, but by suffocating them. As such your body cannot and will not build an immunity against Colloidal Silver. Can be used orally or topically in any orifice of the body. (Liquid)

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Taheebo and Colloidal Silver
The same is also true for Taheebo and Colloidal Silver. You may need to take extra of both if you have been exposed to someone whos ill or are personally run down and therefore; more susceptible to becoming ill yourself.

I have a magic remedy for any kind of cold, flu or infection like sinus or lung. Begin by alternating Taheebo and Colloidal Silver every minute for the first 10 minutes. Then alternate every 5 minutes (see quantity and directions below) for the next half-hour. Then continue alternating them every hour for 48 hours except when sleeping.

Take 2 droppers full of Taheebo strength in your mouth. It has an alcohol base so if you are sensitive you may want to put it in hot water so that the alcohol will evaporate off.

Take 2 droppers full of Colloidal Silver, one down the nose by tipping your head back and letting the Colloidal Silver drip down your nasal passage, therefore being at a point of contact for any sinus or head cold. To really address sinus infections, stand up and bend over at the waist with your head down and put a dropper full divided down each passage of your nose. If it feels like your head is on fire, it's working and attacking the infection. When the Colloidal Silver feels like water and your nose doesn't burn any more, you have licked the infection. Put another dropper full down your throat standing back up. Continue taking both Taheebo and Colloidal Silver for another day.

I have miracle testimonials of people who thought they were going down for the count and were not only better, but over it, Entirely! Done! Fini! Ready to resume life. Try it and dont miss a half hour or you will need to start over again on the 1 minute alternating routine and then going to the 5 minute and hour regimen. The trick is consistency!

Today is the first day of choosing a healthier life. Its fun to see how your body changes. It has its own intelligence. Trust it and be patient. Health is around the corner.


Taheebo - Strengthens and balances the immune system

Pau d'Arco used for centuries in South America as their primary medicine.  Shown to be effective against candida, and other fungal infections, lowers blood sugar levels, promotes good digestion, and is used as a blood cleanser. (Liquid)

Discription and Technical Data for Taheebo


Dream Away - Sleep well and achieve your ideal weight

Contains melatonin which aids in sleeping and chromium which is reported to increase body metabolism while you sleep.  (Liquid)

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Herbal Body Wrap - Cleansing herbs to detoxify and tone your body and skin

Designed to detoxify fat cells; a series of wraps may result in inch loss, also used for sports injuries; (strains, sprains and breaks which you may spot wrap), also can be used for edema, arthritis and infections; topical, internal like pneumonia. (Powder)

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