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Coaching Basics and Concepts


Perspective "What if 'This' worked?"
Be the person you are looking for!

Signs of a leader:

We do not have the luxury of a negative thought.

We are either about solutions or problems. The faster we solve a problem and create and integrate a solution and can turn around and teach it, the faster our business and check grows. Our checks are a direct correlation to our ability to learn to deal with problems quickly and get past rejections. THIS IS HUGE !!!!

What Leaders in Training Do:

If you need to take Land Mark Forum….Do It !! Get your baggage behind you. Nobody comes into this business fully developed. Everyone has to learn something or many somethings to do this business well. So find out what it is and learn it. This is your life !!

Concept: FEEL, FELT, FOUND is an incredibly useful conversation technique for relating to people. Get on the other person's side of the fence emotionally so you are not separate from them. FEEL what "I could never do this.", feels like. I know how you FEEL. I FELT the same way…explain how it was for you. This is what I FOUND and explain….always with a sense of wonderment, the OH WOW! and awe and amazement and excitement and what ever it takes to have them understand that you are not the great ‘Know It All' that they can never be like. That is how the law of attraction works and that is how leaders attract leaders. Be the person you are looking for or borrow a success story from your upline who has already achieved success if you don't have success yet yourself.

Ask the "Qualifying Questions" to find what interests them and what keeps them from living their dreams. After you learn what holds them back, empathize and get into a real conversation about where their life is headed and what they would like to do about it…..and the option you are sitting on…..!!!!!

Listen to my "Great Interview with Holly on Network Marketing" talk for help with the psychology of the Network Marketing business.

87% of all people dislike network marketing as they understand it and as it used to be. Read "Handling Objections". I know how you FEEL and it is no longer true. Do the FEEL, FELT, FOUND.

Getting people started whether product or business.

Celebrate each success. Set people up to succeed by telling them what's coming or what they should do next. You are the "What" and they are the "When". You are the leader. They are looking to you to lead them. They know nothing. Their success is in your hands. If you sign on and sign up somebody, then take them on full bore and seriously and daily so they cannot fail. Look ahead and tell them WHAT's coming, product-wise or business wise. Set them up for success.

The Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP….. AMEN! GET IT !!!!!

Follow up DAILY in the beginning. Make agreements with them so you don't feel like a pest. "I am going to be calling you every day in the beginning to check in on you and get you started right? Is that all right with you and when is a good time? It has to be all right with them cuz you are going to do it, so as part of the question, ask them something you what them to answer like when is a good time for me to call. How do you expect someone to learn if they won't make the time for you to teach them. It will never happen If they fuss and are making excuses that they don't have the time, then you have just learned an important piece of information that they are not ready yet. Don't want it more that they do !!!!

How are they possibly going to earn the kind of money that's possible if they don't get trained? Ask them just how long they think it would take to go thru training in the corporate world to earn the kind of money we can in Network Marketing??? 6 Months, 1 year?? at 40 hours a week???? Let's get real as to what's involved here. You and your upline are their trainers. That's how it is. So they need to get trained and that it takes time. That's what we do. You need to find out if they are coachable and willing to make the time for this. They need to understand what it's going to take.

Make agreements before you have a breakdown in communication.

"I'm going to call you every day after your product arrives.

I'm going to call to find out how this if going for you and what we are going to do next."

Model the behavior you want. Be the person you are looking for and the person you want them to develop in to. (I repeat, be…………………).

Never, never, leave messages without ending your message with, "AND I WILL CALL YOU BACK AS WELL !!!!!" That way, you are free to call back as many times as you want until you connect. Do not, under any circumstance, have an edge in your voice after you have called 3 or 4 times. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Always leave friendly, inviting, upbeat messages and always add that you have something you can't wait to tell them. That could be a great health story, what ever you can think of to create curiosity. It's the 'cat' thing !! :)

This business is not for everybody but the ones it's for…it's tailor made. They know whom they are and your job is to find out whom those people are by learning how to interview well. This is your life. Who do YOU want to work with? The people you first choose to do this business with will set the tone of your whole business so it is critical whom you first choose. Do you want a baby-sitting service?? Then choose UP and get your upline to help you talk to your "Chicken List". You are never alone in this business.

If for some reason, you bring somebody in and they don't get it, but they lead you to a serious person then move on downline. Every Dud knows a Stud. Don't expect your Dud to train their Stud. By pass the Dud and work directly with the Stud as if she were front line to you. If you get that person going, chances are, that your Dud will wake up and get "Back Doored" into the business. Someone once told me that the top leaders end up being between 5 and 8 levels below you. Support your leaders wherever they are.

Learn how to ask a question that moves them and their business forward.

Do not use open-ended questions.

NOT: "Do you know anyone who would be interested in this business?", but YES: "Who do you know who might be interested?"

Remember Pavlov and his dogs.

You ring the bell and they will salivate over what's next, if you do it right.

You are the What and they are the When. You are constantly telling them WHAT's ahead of them and where they are going, product wise or business wise. Then it's up to them, as to WHEN they do it. You will learn a lot by how long it take them to do WHAT's next. The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack." So set the pace. Don't let up on them.

"I know this product works"…..(and then you tell a product story.)

"I know this business works, and you won't believe what this is going to look like for you in 6 months, or, where you will be in your business in 6 months and this is how to get there. The next thing for you is: to do…, go to…., learn…, read…., etc.


I am so glad you found Life Force and I am so happy to be working with you. You are going to be great at this." (Remember, people need to be SEEN, HEARD, LOVED, APPRECIATED, ACKNOWLEDGED, AND RESPECTED BUT MOST OF ALL....INCLUDED !!!!!!!!!)

You are their source of recognition in the beginning, so be generous and don't hold back.

Acknowledge every …..little ……thing !!!!!! OK?????

Recommended Reading: Mach II With Hair on Fire

If asked about your personal success with Life Force and you are just getting started, say "As far as I know, there are no other options like Network Marketing. I am just getting started myself …..but I am on my way."

Tell a success story that you have learned !!!

You get to choose whom you work with and when you work. There is no limit to how big you want your business or how much you want to work at it. And…. it is the only job in the world that you can buy your life back and actually own your own life. What a concept !!!

Need to understand and ‘Leverage' vs. Time for Dollars'.

How to start a conversation:

Concept: Be the best you can be. Pretend or assume that Wayne & Gerri are gone and you have to run the company. Then you would have to jump in and go for it. Come from a place of just doing it. Walk through the doorway of fear and doubt into the realm of own your brilliance. Don't hold out or play small. Get big!

What are you waiting for???

If questioned about what you want to get together or talk about, use generalities that intrigue, like:

"It's about health; it's about owning your life or getting your life back."
"What if I could show you how, in 3 to 5 years, you could replace your income?"
"Would it be worth your time to spend an hour together??"
"What if this worked??" "When can WE meet?"

How to invite in a non-confrontational but inclusive way:

"WE need to talk " or "WE need to get together", (not "I'd like to get together with you"). You are the leader. Own that position and act from it. People need to know they can follow you and have confidence in you. So fake it till you make it and get your upline to help you.

Use "WE", not "YOU" or "I" when possible. It's less threatening or cornering to people. People like to be ‘Included' not put on the spot. If you are still afraid of getting it right, get your upline to help you.

When you are having a ‘moment' of despair…..and we all do….be your own leader and tell yourself, "I am done with crappy days and feeling discouraged." Get to survival mode. Have it out with yourself in the mirror. You inner wisdom will guide you. Do what you need to do, to change your energy and your attitude. Put on music, dance, have a tantrum, call a friend and ask how they are. (That's a winner) Just do something and get going doing it? Emotions pass like clouds and are always changing. If you know that you can help them along.

Another option:

Make the "Universal Cry" for help. Get very clear with the Universe and know it will support you. It's just how it works.

Listen to "The Secret" again and again and again and again……………………..



Remember that language is important. No more negative self talk. PERIOD!!

Another option:

What do you need to do, to learn how to develop a relationship where you can learn to trust yourself? Stop and ask yourself what changes you need to make? Psychologist, Landmark Forum, Toast Masters? What new arrangements or agreements do you need to make with yourself?

On each option ask:

"Is this an 8 or Better?? "
"Does it have my name on it??"
"Is it Now??? "

After you answer these questions, ask yourself how this feels or is it the right thing?? There's your answer !!! Your inner being knows….. What to do, when to do it and in what order. If only you will just ask. Everything you ever wanted or need to know is inside you, just waiting for you to ask. It's how God planned it. Try it. There's a magnificent relationship just waiting for you. You lucky dog !!!!

Once you develop that relationship, you are home free. Now, just trust that you will set up your ‘right' everything; action, direction, relationships, food to eat, what to say, (big one) Anything you need to know, some part of you already knows. Sweet!

We all know what the truth is. Trust that. Just say, "I give myself permission to do (whatever you have chosen)." It can be that simple. Really :)

Then do it!!!

Get engaged with people by surrendering and speaking to them from your intuition, truth, and your heart's knowing and people will just fall in love with you and you with them! The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

It's what WE all want. Isn't it???

My grandmother used to say…"What goes out bread, comes back cake."

And now you know why I, Holly Wheeler, believe: "This is the most spiritually evolved, method of distribution of goods and services exchanged in this country today….. because it's all about service."

God Bless


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