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Handling Objections


The top three objections are:

  1. I hate pyramid schemes - they are unfair.
  2. It's too expensive-I don't have the money.
  3. I hate sales.

Q: I hate pyramid schemes. Is this one of those pyramid companies?
A: Yes, and so is everything that you know – the church, our families, every organization you know and the government. In the laws of nature the pyramid is the most stable structure. But I don't think that’s what you are concerned about.  I know how you feel about pyramid companies. I felt the same way, too,  Everybody at the top made all the money and you had monthly quotas to keep and inventory  to maintain. All that’s gone and few people know itIt's now an equal playing field based on integrity. It’s about people helping each other get their health back and then helping each other learn how to become financially healthy. The industry has evolved and some of the loveliest, kindest people I have ever met are being attracted to Life Force and creating a healthy and wealthy community based on service. It’s amazing and it’s fair for the first time. This company has the most generous compensation plan that has ever been created.  If you knew what I know you would understand when I say,  ”This is the fairest, most evolved method of distribution of goods and services on this country today.”
Q: My sister used to do Herbal Life - she worked really hard and didn't make any money. This sounds like the same thing. How is it any different?
A: In most of the companies in this industry that are operating today have what is called a back end compensation plan which means that you have to refer around 6 generations before you get to the serious money. Most people can't last that long financially. Compounded with having to pay to stock inventory and qualify for monthly quotas you were broke by the time you got there. There is no monthly quotas or inventory stocking necessary with Life Force and you get paid back right away. 


Life Force has compressed most of the commissions in the first few levels. Plus, they have super incentive bonuses that inspire people to share both the product and the opportunity and they are very doable. What that means for the brand new person, is that it would more then pay for all their products their first month in the business just by sharing it with only 3 people. The customer orders direct from the company, just like placing an order with  from a catalog.
Q: How does that compare to other companies?
A : Most companies payout only 20-40% percent. LFI pays out just under 60%.
For example in companies A  (like Herbal Life, Shaklee or Mellaleuca) if 4 people shared the same value of the 8 pack of Body Balance with just 4 people, a total of 16 people, those companies would pay out between $100 to $160. With Life Force you would make $700. It's awesome!  It’s a great compensation plan with no sign up fees, no monthly quota and no inventory to keep.
Q: No sign up fees?
A: That's right. There are no sign up fees to become a customer or member. If you want to participate in the compensation plan, all the company wants you to do is to use the products, which costs about $175 a month to include shipping, handling, and tax.
Q: I hate it that it costs so much money. That's really expensive.
A: I thought that, too but then I started adding it up and did a little research. Tablets capsules and pills are only about 20% absorbable because of binders and fillers. That’s written in the PDR, so you are eliminating about 80% of your vitamins. Body Balance is a liquid which makes it up to 98% absorbable and it tastes great!  So if you are spending $100 a month on vitamins you are throwing $80 down the toilet.  That’s half the cost of Body Balance.
And I am not as hungry as I used to be. My body is getting fed with the nutrients that it needs and I am eating about 30% less and am not snacking, and I don’t have food cravings anymore. I was spending $300 to $400 a month on food so there’s another $100 a month I am saving. Those two together pay for my Body Balance.  I am also not buying all the supplements I used to and lots of people tell me they get off expensive meds.  Another huge saving for me is that I hardly need to see health practioners anymore except for yearly check ups. That was in the hundreds of dollars every month. I actually feel like I am making money on just taking the Body Balance.
From a marketing standpoint our products have a 45 day guarantee so there’s no risk.  You can’t take your vitamins back to the store if they don’t work or you don’t like them and get you money back.  And…. ours are guaranteed 2 weeks to your door. You don’t even have to leave your house. You buy directly from the company.  That's where our commissions come from. We are the marketing and advertising arm of Life Force. What most corporate companies pay for in advertising and catalogues and stocking fees for stores to stock their shelves, Life force pays me in the form of a commission. I am their walking catalogue.
And what is the price to get your health back? - After about two months I felt better. What’s that worth? And my products were paid for because I told a few friends.  That didn’t include the bonuses they paid me.
Everything costs money, it’s just where you spend it.  It probably costs $4 to get a cup of coffee, and $5 to $10 to go out to lunch.
If money is an issue, you could buy an 8 pack for $175 ($22 each) and sell 6 bottles for $30 each, to your friends.  You would get the products paid for and end up getting two bottles for free for yourself no doubt a few of your friends would want to get more.  It’s a way to start  if you are really strapped though we recommend people start with the whole 8 pack if they can so they have enough to really notice a difference.
Q: I don't know if I want to do business with friends and family.
A: Well, I love that part of it, because it's a good opportunity to spend more time with the people that I love. I'd much rather have the profits go to my friends and family rather than to a store.
]Q: I hate sales and telemarketers.
A: I hate sales, too. Everybody hates sales, but I don't consider this sales. I feel compelled to tell people about this because I am sitting on something so precious that can really change people's lives. It’s become a passion to share this with other people cuz I have now seen how many people have been helped both physically and financially and then have been able to get on to the good stuff of what they really wanted and came here to do.
Thank Goodness someone took the time to share it with me. What if I could teach you how to help people improve their health if not completely recover from their health challenges? Would you want to know that?
What if I could show you how in one to two years you could be earning 12 to 24 K extra a year working only 10 hours a week? Would you be interested in learning more?
What if I could show you how in three to five years you could replace your income and become financially free? Would that be of interest to you?
 What if what I was telling you was true?    What if this really worked?


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