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Follow-up Questions

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

The Health and Wealth Fortune is in the Follow-up. These are the questions that build relationship.

Did you receive your products yet?
How are you doing at taking the Body Balance?
What serving-amount are you taking ....?
Are you taking it on an empty stomach?
Are you noticing anything? More energy? Fewer food cravings? Eating less?
I've just heard another great story ...(tell the story).
Last time we talked you mentioned you were having .....
Is there any shift or noticeable changes on that?
Here let me give you the Life Force web site address. There’s a lot of great info there to support you.  (Send  them to a specific place on the website that is relevant to where they are in the business. Also, it will give you another reason to call them back and maintain contact and communication. This will keep moving them forward in building their belief that it works and that they will get the support they need to share the business or products with friends.)
Life Force puts out an e-blast to update us on important information. Here’s how you sign up for it…..
How is your ...( mother, child, job, moving etc.) doing?
How's your diet?
We talked about you maybe making some changes in your diet. How's that going?
Do you have any questions?

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01.01.05 - Recommended Wellness Program updated.
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