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A Brilliant Compensation


87% of the population has had a negative experience about the industry of Network Marketing for a very good reason. It was slated for failure. Most people don't know that the industry has evolved dramatically. It is now become the most spiritually evolved method of distribution of goods and services on the planet today. Below is a compensation comparison that illustrates the difference that you can easily present to anyone at any time.

Comparison Compensation Plan of Life Force with Other Companies

Company A - Compensation Plan for Referring 4 People who each Refer 4

4 x 100BV = 400BV x 5% = $ 20.00

16 x 100BV = 1600BV x 5% = $ 80.00

$100.00 (You receive from Company A for same effort as below).

Products ($175) NOT paid for, Business Expenses ($200) phone, postage, sales aids , etc. NOT paid for.

The end result is a negative cash flow of $275 plus accumulating each month.

Life Force - Compensation Plan for Referring 4 People who each Refer 4

4 x 100BV = 400BV x 5% = $ 20.00

16 x 100BV = 1600BV x 40% = $ 640.00

$660.00 (You receive from Life Force)

Products ($170) PAID for, Business Expenses ($200) PAID for.

Plus profit of $290 accumulating each month as residual income.

*90% of all US bankruptcy's avoided with as little as $280.00 extra per month.

Life Force International has created the fairest, most direct, most rewarding and highly understandable compensation plan!

I want to explain how you can get your products paid for.
To help you get started, the first month (and every month thereafter), you receive $55 for each person you personally enroll or sign up in Fast Start Bonuses. If you refer 2 people the first month you receive $110 in Fast Start Bonuses.

Life Force pays 5% on your first level, 40% on your second level and 10% on your third level. If you refer Ariel who refers Shaye who refers Kathy, you receive 5% of what Ariel orders, 40% of what Shaye orders and 10% of what Kathy orders. You can see you would be motivated to make sure Ariel likes Body Balance so that she will share it with her friends because her friends are on her 5% level but they are on your 40% level. That is why this is called a Brilliant Compensation Plan because everyone is assured of getting trained so they will know how, and want to share it with friends. If you share Body Balance with 4 people who each order a case of Body Balance, you will receive $220 in Fast Start Bonuses which would more than pays for your own Body Balance with money left over to treat you and a friend to dinner and a movie or whatever you choose. Sweet!

So if you refer 2 people who REFER 2 people each, (a total of 6 people) it equates to approximately $170 net to your pocket in residual income EACH MONTH, assuming everyone ordered a case of Body Balance, which is 100 BV. BV stands for Business Volume or the commissionable part of the cost of the product. Your case of Body Balance costs around $170 and has a BV of 104.

How it works is: the first month you receive the Fast Start Bonuses (55% of their first order up to 240 BV). The 2ed month, if the 2 people you have shared Body Balance with (and you have signed them up or placed them right under you on your 1st level) share Body Balance with 2 people each, you will now have 4 people on your 2ed level where you earn 40%. So, on your 1st level the second month, you have 2 people ordering a 100BV each. You earn 5% on your first level. That's 5% of !00BV which equals $5, times 2 people equals $10. You have 4 people on your 2ed level which is 4 people times 100 BV is 400BV. You earn 40% on your 2ed level and 40% of 400BV is $160 RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME to you. Plus, $10 in residual income, for the first 2 people you personally shared Body Balance with. That totals $170 in residual income month after month for you. You now have your products paid for on a monthly basis with only 2 people who shared it with 2 other people!

It gets really interesting when you share it with 4 people and teach them to do the same. That's 4 people on your first level where you earn 5%. 4 people times 100 BV is 400 BV, times 5% is $20. You now have 16 people on your 2ed level, times 100 BV is 1600 BV. You earn 40% on your 2ed level, and 40% of 1600 BV is $660 RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME to you, assuming everyone orders a 100 BV or the equivalent of a case of Body Balance. That's all just for sharing it with 4 people and teaching them to do the same.

This still does not include the Advancement Bonuses which is another $100 or $200 (if you do all this in 2 months). If you were really interested in maximizing the Compensation Plan, it is possible to earn $220 in Fast Start Bonuses the first month by sharing Body Balance with 4 people. If they also shared Body Balance with 4 people each, and this all happened all in one month, then in the second month you would be earning $200 with the Achievement Bonus, plus $660 in residual income (and every month thereafter) with a TOTAL OF $1080 your first 2 months. At that point, you would continue to earn $660 a month in residual income and that's if no one in your group ever told another person......which is not likely. Now you would have your products paid for and maybe a car payment as well !!
What if it took longer to find 4 people who were willing to share it with 4 friends. What if it took 4 months. What would an additional $660 a month mean to you month after month. It starts making social security look interesting when you can do the same thing in 4 months!


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