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Cell Saturation Stories of People who have been Coached by Holly


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Buckie's Story

This was the year of my 56th birthday and as I did an inventory, I found that on all levels my life was out of balance. Days pass with little clarity and I feel discon-nected from many aspects of my being. I was so disappointed with myself for having allowed my body to reach such a low state of health. I was increasingly frustrated that I was unable to live the life I imagined for myself at this age, fulfilling my passions and dreams. At the root of every movement there was physical discomfort and zero energy to pursue anything. I felt stuck, disgusted, and ashamed and actually believed I was beyond the point of no return and so why even try?

I declined fabulous invitations of hiking, biking and river trips if it was in the least bit challenging due to my physical limitations. I was saying no to my own life. I had difficulty walking any distance at all, and getting up and sitting down were sadly becoming somewhat challenging maneuvers. Forget going to the beach in a swimsuit, I pretended I was always too busy with work.

I was 30-40 pounds overweight, having to continuously go out and buy newer larger clothes, which I definitely could not afford. I was always constipated, and suffered with a lot of discomfort in my abdomen. I was lucky to have a bowel movement once a week! My hip was now experiencing sharp arthritic like pain, even when simply walking, and on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain was easily at an 8. I was taking Advil daily. In order to sleep I had to take sleeping pills most nights to get the rest I needed, and then would wake up in a fog as a result. I was appalled at how dependent I had become on sleep aids, as this was the path my mother had taken which had led her to early dementia. That was frightening!

I had taken two bad falls as well, spraining my left ankle and then breaking a bone in my left hand. The result being the entire left side of my body was out of whack. I especially had trouble with my left shoulder and raising my arms over my head, which led to even more painkillers and more sleeping aids. Things were definitely going in the wrong direction and I was scared.

My work as a realtor in a hot and humid climate was NO FUN. Showing property was exhausting and I was beginning to wonder how long I was going to be able to continue in this line of work. I began thinking I might be reduced to a desk job, which I knew would lead to an even more sedentary life, causing more problems with my health. My marriage had unraveled, my daughter was engaged, and I had a wedding to prepare for and how was I going to pull all this off? The stress was over the top and my life was in a shambles and deep down I was terrified.

Then my body sent out a loud cry for help. After several days of excruciating abdominal pain and blood in my stools I broke down and went in for a Colonoscopy. Dreading the worst I was relieved to learn it was "only" diverticulitis and that it could be controlled by diet.

This news was actually a blessing, because now I had purpose and direction, and a strong desire to make the necessary changes to live in a body that was connected to its Self. I realized that my mind and my body had been living separate lives, with no respect and regard for each other.

This was the beginning of a love affair that is more meaningful and fulfilling than any other I have experienced in my life! This courtship is with me. I have now become deeply interested in and pay close attention to what my body needs are and when my body speaks I try to listen closely. I can't believe I never really understood this simple concept.

At some point during this period of rediscovery, I somehow remembered a chance encounter with Holly Wheeler. Something Holly said to me must have made a deep impression, because when I realized I was going to need help in my new challenge to improve my health her name just popped into my mind. I called her and she shared with me what had happened to her and how she had been able to get her life back. She explained to me the miracle of minerals and how they had trans-formed her body. She helped me with some simple dietary changes and taught me wonderful ways in which to prepare more healthy meals. The minerals that she was referring to are a combination of sea vegetables and aloe Vera in a liquid form, called Body Balance. Within a very short period of time I was feeling the wonderful benefits of taking Body Balance and Holly's green shake every day.

Body Balance, which I have learned is predominantly minerals and has been true to its name. It has remineralized my body back into balance, which I had no idea what that would actually mean to me. But it's off the charts what's happened.

I am now experiencing more energy than I ever thought I would feel at this age. I have noticed that I am now able to stay focused for very long periods of time, whether it is work related or physical activity, with increased strength and endurance. Mentally, the discomfort of my body used to constantly distract me from my work. Previously I could only exercise for 30 minutes before being overtaken by exhaustion, tired and sore for the entire rest of the day. Pitiful! Now I make exercise a top priority as I look forward to my hour long strenuous morning walk up really steep hills, as well as a 3x/week Zumba Dance Class, as well as a 75 minute yoga session daily. I feel incredibly energized throughout the entire day.

My yoga practice has greatly improved. I continually grow stronger with increasing flexibility and am more in tune with my body than I ever remember!! I love that I am now feeling such inner peace and strength that I can actually be quiet and listen. I look at my body with love and affection, knowing that I am nurturing it in all the best possible ways. It is responding with abounding joy and vitality, and all of the jiggly bumps and lumps are melting away. It feels like a miracle that I feel so good in such a short period of time.

The added benefit from this energy boost is my metabolism seems to have sped up. I have lost 30 pounds and the weight is staying off. I have found the switch to healthier eating habits a breeze. Drinking Holly's shake every morning is so delicious and it keeps me going until early afternoon. I find that now my body is naturally gravitating towards more healthy food choices and it's not a struggle! It feels like my entire system is running at an optimum level and all of my old ailments have dropped away. I have not had a single other occurrence of diverticulitis, and am having no difficulty with elimination whatsoever. Instead of once a week I am now eliminating twice a day. Now that's a miracle!!

The only time my hip and shoulder ever bother me is when I am sleeping on a hard mattress and I have not had a cold or flu in two years. I even traveled in India for over four months last fall without one single incident of sickness. That alone is remarkable!

I do my work and these wonderful minerals do theirs, I now understand how when one's health is poor all of life's wonder and brilliance becomes dull and dim, because it is so hard to rise above the pain and suffering on the physical level.

I am so grateful to Holly. Her life is expressed through the boundless generosity that she so freely and lovingly shares with absolutely every one that crosses her path. When I look at her radiant health and compassionate nature I am now beginning to see the reflection of my own self in the light of who I have become.

I thank you amiga!

Buckie from Durango, CO and Sayulita, MX March 2011


Rodney's Story

Hi, my names Rodney. I have always been in pretty good health, eating very well most the time, however if you put cookies in front of me, they would be gone before you got your hand back. My weight has been just OK with some tummy flab, maybe 10 or 20 pounds over weight. I work hard outdoors building Geodesic dome green house's all over the country.

One day, a number of years ago, I was building a Dome, preparing the ground, getting the foundation ready, lots of digging, moving dirt and getting the ground level. I didn't think much of it until later that evening, when I checked into my motel and got ready for bed. When I got into bed I noticed I couldn't breath through my nose anymore. At first I thought, ok, I am just stuffed up, or was it the chemicals they use to clean the room? All night I was half awake trying to keep my mouth open to breath. My mouth continually was drying out and I was continually drinking water while trying to sleep! It was awful. The next morning going back to the job site, I was able to breathe between my nose and mouth but it wasn't normal. That's how it's been these last few years, rough nights and breathing through my mouth and nose when I was upright during the day.

When I'd catch a cold on top of the sinus problem, that was worst, talk about miserable. So over the last few years I attempted to quit wheat, stop drinking beer(which I would love to have one after working )and stopped drinking coffee. All, to no avail. It was like random allergic reactions. I could never tell what was going on or what was going to set off an allergy attack. I even tried antibiotics.

When I was working building domes around the country in different climates and soils, I was constantly being subjected to different flora and fauna and who knows what else. I thought for a while, that that was what was causing my attacks and sinus problems.

In May of 2011, I built a dome for a Wonderful Lady, Holly Wheeler, in Paonia, CO. It happened that she had also struggled with severe allergies years before. She told me about a liquid seaweed product that had turned her life around called Body Balance.

As I was staying at her house as her guest building her dome, I ended up trying the Body Balance and eating the food that she was preparing, and as a result, I have been having a lot better days. This was a whole new diet for me, where the first thing we did was to cut out all and I really mean ALL sugars, grains and fruits.

With the Body Balance and Holly's new food regime with no sugars, fruits and starches of ANY kind (and I mean not even 3 cherries, which caused an all night reaction), I began to clear up!!!.

My worst days on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being bad, I would have rated at a flat 10. I couldn't breath at all through my nose and could hardly think because it felt like my brain fog was so dense, often times I just didn't want to relate to anybody. And getting a good night's sleep was practically futile. I have not slept thru the night for years. I was usually up in the night and sometimes for hours trying to breath and trying to sleep at the same time. Needless to say, I was tired all the time and took naps every day just to get thru the day. It has been for years a push to get thru my days and that if I sat down or lay down I would fall asleep.

It's only been 3 weeks and I have started to sleep really well and through the night, with the exception of the 'cherry' night. I feel like I am starting to get caught up on my rest and am not pushing to get thru my days anymore.

The brain fog has hugely lifted and I am starting to want to relate to my world again. I don't feel like I am walking around in a cloud, avoiding people! I am even breathing well even though now and then I blow it. The truth is I can now breath again and am sleeping through the night. Now that's a miracle!! And when I blow it, I almost instantly get clogged up and I now can see what has caused it. I am not guessing anymore and that's a relief in itself!

The winds are blowing here and normally I'd be miserable and exhausted and having to nap during the day from all the pollen and dust blowing around. Speaking of naps I used to take a nap almost everyday, I have only had 1 in 2 weeks and I really slept, what I mean by that is, I would nap before but never really rest and would still be asleep by 9:30 pm. The last nap I took, I rested so well, it took me a long while to get to sleep that night. I am rediscovering what normal, good health is.

So today I would say I am holding steady all the way down at at a 2. My allergies appear gone, which boggles my mind, I have my brain back, and I am feeling rested. I am getting very close to having way more good days than bad ones and I thank my Angel when I lay my head down to sleep that I can breathe...

-Rodney from CO, who is very Thankful to have met Holly


Diana Cachey Story

I was stuck and so frustrated with my weight! I could not break the cycle of losing 5-10 pounds only to gain it back, despite the fact that I regularly exercised 1 to 2 hours/day and dieted on + off for over 20 years, . Then I started taking Body Balance, BAM, over 20 lbs GONE in less than 3 months! And I didnkt do ANYTHING differently except take Body Balance!

Since I started on Body Balance, I have experienced amazing results, far more than just losing over 20 lbs. Before I knew about this product, I used to get skin abscesses every 2-3 months the size of a quarter. They were so excruciatingly painful that even the strongest pain meds did not touch it. Every time I got one, I was put on antibiotics for 2 to 4 weeks straight--so I was on antibiotics a third of the year! I had nightly acid reflux that often woke me up gasping for air because I was choking on reflux. It was terrifying and I worried that I might NOT wake up one time and would die from choking in my sleep!

Every morning I started days with severe headaches from grinding my teeth in my sleep that felt like a vice was cranking shut on my head. It lasted all day unless I broke down and took 2-6 advils, which I was very reluctant to take because of the side effects such as stomach aches and potential lesions in my stomach lining.

I suffered from joint pain in my knees, hips, neck and left shoulder that was affecting the things I love to do--biking, skiing, running, hiking, scuba diving, dancing, yoga --such that my joints hurt several days after I did any of these activities. It was starting to limit my desire to do any of the physical activities that I once was so passionate about and were once so central to my life. It got to the point where everytime I did anything I paid for it somewhere in my body.

I was also clinically diagnosed with depression and was prescribed Paxil for 2 years then welbutrin for another 3 years. As much as they were helping with my emotional equilibrium in the beginning, later they often contributed to my roller coaster of emotion as well as the severe headaches. My sleep habits were so irregular that sometimes I could not fall asleep for hours, then woke 2-3 times every night and woke up groggy after 10 hours of sleep or more.

Incredibly, all this changed when I started taking Life Force products. One month after taking Body Balance, the weight started falling off and has not returned in over a year. I have virtually no cravings for sugar, alcohol, coffee and junk food; now I eat 50% less and feel fully satisfied. I haven’t had a single skin abscess nor do I need antibiotics or painkillers. In fact, I take NO prescription OR over-the-counter medications, none! I rarely get aggravated at even the most stressful situations and usually respond calmly. I use to sleep 10+ hours a night and now I feel fully rested with 6 hrs less a night. At the same time, my mental clarity and energy, on a scale of 1 to 10, has gone from a 3, to a 9 and even sometimes a flat 10! I can’t believe all this energy was waiting for me.

I now rebound immediately from strength training workouts, long-distance running --all heavy physical exertion--without any soreness or pain. Its such a joy to have my body back but what’s more amazing is I get I to do all the sports I used to do with passion, not pain. It’s a miracle to me. I am drug free and pain free. I had no idea the power of whole food nutrition


Heather’s Story

I want to tell you about my journey to this point in my life, the things that had the most profound effects on it, and the incredible changes that have happened and continue to happen even now.

My story actually begins in my childhood at about the age of five. I developed a type of asthma that was triggered mostly by cats, but also by certain types of grasses and by all types of exercise or any breathing pattern (like laughing too hard), that would irritate the bronchial passages. I spent my childhood years with an inhaler at hand, and with practically no outdoor activities. While everyone else was having fun outside, I was unable to do better than a brisk walk around the block without having to reach for my inhaler.

When I was eighteen I was hospitalized after a series of chronic bladder infections had finally found their way into my kidneys. The pain was so excruciating I could not stand up. So I began a years-long dependency on antibiotics. Eventually, I had gone through, and become resistant to, so many that my doctors were worried about permanent resistance to any and all antibiotics. I began to explore the world of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements. I was however addicted to coffee.

In my 20’s, I developed, Adult Acne”. I had never had acne, so this was an experience for me. I had the systemic type that creates large cysts, or boils, with deep roots. These can take weeks or months to go away. They ooze clear liquid for weeks or months, and leave deep purple scars when and if they do ever heal. This type of acne also has a habit of re-visiting during times of stress or hormonal changes, so “old scars” can suddenly become active again. More antibiotics. I got more heavily into herbals and supplements, made dietary changes, and became more active since my athsma seemed to be abating. My coffee intake was up to 2 POTS a day.

When I was 30 I had to have arthroscopic surgery done on both knees. There was no explanation for the damage to the joints. I had no injuries, no trauma. There was no family history of weak knees either. The pain I experienced prior to surgery was awful. I could not very well except on flat straight-of-ways. Stairs-up were agony, stairs down were completely out of the question. My apartment had 42 steps from bottom to top. I got the surgery and was fine again, but the idea that the underlying problem that created the bad knees in the first place had NOT been isolated always bothered me. My knees would just go bad again, right? My surgeon seemed to think so. His answer was that it was probably genetic, which is always a doctor’s answer when they do not have the answer. I was in, what I considered at the time, the hiatus of my nutritional education, and would loudly soap-box to anyone who was within ear-shot, about the merits of proper nutrition. This included organics, supplements and herbs. I still had a coffee habit of around 1 pot per day.

At 33 years old I got pregnant. Then my health took a real beating. My lowest disk in my spine degenerated and disappeared. I was diagnosed with dysphasia of the hips. I gained 65 pounds due to sugar cravings I could not control. I ate everything in sight. My nutrition regimen got dumped as I fell head-over heels for every craving that came along. After the baby was born, I lost 10 pounds in 24 hours. Then it stopped. I struggled for years to lose the rest of the weight. I had always been a size 7/8. My surgeon told me I was in for a hip replacement within 10 – 15 years. I should lose weight and start doing targeted excersize to strengthen the muscles that are holding the back and hips in place. While my pregnancy was fairly easy, my post-partum was difficult. I immediately developed nipples that were so sore they cracked and bled. 24 hours after the birth of my son, I had blood streaming out of the nipples faster than the milk. I stopped trying to breast feed and began the agony of pumping. Three weeks later I had mastitis so badly I thought I would have to have surgery to relieve the pain. I had finally stopped my coffee consumption throughout my pregnancy and lactation. I went through a bout 2 weeks of intense headache withdrawals.

Four years later I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. So I had a course that included surgery, 30 sessions of radiation, and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. In spite of medical attempts to kill me with pharmaceutical grade poison, I lived. However my health was considerably affected. My joints had come apart. I had trouble with my hands, knees, feet and hips. My thyroid had collapsed entirely. The normal range for thyroid is between 1 – 5. 1 is great, 5 is marginal. When you are pregnant, if they out you on a thyroid supplement, the number usually comes in at around 14. That’s why you feel so out-of-it. My thyroid test came back at 113. My doctor called, in person, no answering service, and wanted to know, seriously, if I was conscious. Apparently, any number over 80 is grounds for being unconscious, and yet I had been operating like this for some time looking after others. Scary, huh? I had bizarre skin lesions on my hands that would crack and bleed. These resisted ALL attempts to heal using any method or product. I had mood swings that defied imagination. My cravings had only gotten worse. I had cravings for grease, caffeine, sugar, salt, alcohol and starch. I was in agony every time I had to move or do anything. I was also full-time single caregiver for my two grandparents in their 80’s, and my young son. My grandfather during this time went into hospice care, and I was full-time for that as well. I had absolutely no help from anyone during this time in my life. It was pure hell. So even though my physical and emotional health was a wreck, I could not afford the luxury of taking care of myself, even though I had to keep myself alive to take care of everyone else. I could no longer sleep for more than about 90 minutes at a time. The pain in my hips was so intense, that it would wake me up and I would have to re-position myself. I had intense headaches, even though I was still caffeine-free. I walked like I was 1000 years old. I began to truly wonder how I would ever make it in my condition another 10 years. My son was still so young, but I could not imagine being in this kind of pain for much longer, and I actually began to dream of a day when I would be released…by whatever means. In my darkest hours I began to resent my family, even my son, as if somehow they had a hand in my suffering. I was desperate.

It was during this period that I began searching, in earnest, for the source of my illnesses, specifically, cancer. Not only was I 20 years younger than the average breast cancer patient, but there had also been that knee operation years earlier for a condition that, like the cancer, I was too young for. My search took nearly a year of intense research, but I arrived at some astonishing conclusions. In short it was all related to minerals lacking in my diet. This came from many sources. Depleted soils. Processed foods. Acid=forming foods. Carbohydrates. Anything cooked. Grain-fed meats and poultry. Factory produced eggs and dairy. Factory farmed meats, eggs, dairy and vegetables. Big agro-business. Corporate control of our food supply mixed with political and financial motivations for mis-directing our attention toward more colorful and fancier packaging with claims of nutrition while the whole time the nutritional contents of the package amount to about 4% of product cost. In many cases, the box costs more than the food product inside. In a bizarre twist, I had always been so careful about the mineral supplementation of my horse, because soils are too depleted to supply his hay with his needed minerals. Without his custom mineral blend, he suffers from allergies, indigestion, and parasites. I now found myself staring at the nearly 4-decades long result of mineral depletion in myself. So I radically changed my diet. Even though I had been eating organic most of my life, and vegetarian for much of my life, I had not found the answer to my suffering. I cut all processed and most natural carbs. I switched to raw dairy products. I threw out all vegetable oils except coconut and first-cold-press olive oils. I began to search out pastured poultry, eggs and beef, and ate most of my food raw, including the meats when possible. I eliminated all refined sugars, salts, preservatives, coloring agents and anything in an aluminum can. I got rid of all plastics in my food supply, and got enamel cookware. I threw out anything that said, “Made in China”. Including my son’s toys. My grocery bill sky-rocketed with the new products and my already challenged free-time disappeared entirely as I was chained to the kitchen having to prepare all my nutrition literally from scratch.

Things did improve. Slowly. Within six months I could sleep for a few hours at a time. It was no longer agony to walk, sit or drive. I could consider riding my horse again for short periods. I felt better. My moods were still violent and unpredictable, but less frequently. It was slow and expensive, but progressing. I began taking trace mineral drop supplements and drinking alkaline water. I also began taking calcium / magnesium supplements along with cod liver oil and flax oil. I began to very slowly drop the weight I had been dragging around for nearly 8 years.

This brings us to July, 2010. I went to visit my mom, and while I was there I looked up a friend I had not seen in over 10 years. We had dinner. On the way to the restaurant she was texting me all about this new product she was marketing and wanted to know if I wanted in. After about 30 seconds of listening to what she was saying, I realized that I had found the golden egg. Here was everything I was trying to do with a myriad of organic, grass-fed, pastured, raw foods along with trace mineral supplements, calcium and vitamin D ALL IN ONE PLACE!!!!!! LIFE FORCE PRODUCTS!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!!!?????? And I could cut literally hundreds of dollars out of my food budget, redirect the funds to Life Force, get accelerated results, and feel like a million bucks, AND get paid for it!!! Can you believe it?

So Body Balance entered my life and within one day I felt a change. It was like everything I had been experiencing with the dietary changes, but at an exponential rate of speed. Things were moving so fast I actually was looking forward to sleeping again except that the new energy I had wouldn’t let me! I lost 8 pounds in 10 days. Although my weight loss curve has slowed, I continue to “size down” and am now able to fit into my size 8 jeans again. They are still tight, but the trend continues toward downsizing, even though the weight loss has slowed. My vericose veins have begun to lessen. I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GO OFF MY THYROID MEDICATION! My headaches have disappeared. Those weird bleeding calluses on my hands are healing.

One of the greatest bottom-line effects of Life Force products is that because of the intense nutritional content, I am able to allow my family more freedom with regards to the rest of their diet. I no longer lock them in the house with orders to eat only what I prepare. We can go out now again to restaurants. We can splurge and eat something bad. We can cut our food bill down because we no longer need as much food. We direct our resources to Life Force, get healthier, and receive thank-you checks. We do after all live in the world in which we have created, and the ability to be able to interact again with the world is an important milestone for us. I can correct anything the modern world has to throw at us with a Life Force product, improve nutrition and save money at the same time.

I feel incredible. I do not prescribe to miracles because I believe that our lives are of our own making. But that being said, Body Balance is a miracle. Only it’s not. It is a simple truth that we are what we are created out of, and what we are created out of is minerals. And minerals are what are lacking from our present, modern, corporate diets. As my body and spirit heal and I feel better every day, I am delighted by the family and friends I can share my new-found health with. Instead of dread, I look forward to the next ten years of my life….and much longer….with a happy heart.

So that is my story of how where I came from and how I got here. I give thanks every day for Life Force and the impact that it has had in my life. I could not imagine my life without LIFE FORCE. I invite you to be a part of the miracle.

Heather, CA


Kathy's Amazing Story

My name is Kathy Baes:  I am 67 years old and I have been disabled for 61 years.  As a child, I had a fall from a top bunk bed. I hit my right temple on a doorknob on the way down to the floor.  I suffered a concussion of the brain and was totally paralyzed on the right side, and unconscious for 48 days.  The Doctors said, I would not live and if I did live I would not walk again.  I had Brain Surgery, Eye Surgery and 6 Operations on the back of my right leg, to stretch the muscles to let the heel down to the floor. I have worked twice as hard to be half as good as other people.


In ’97, my dear husband died and if it wasn’t for my son, I would not have had any reason to live. I had no one to share my life with and no reason to plan anything. I fell into a depression that lasted 12 years and didn’t seem to have any way to shake myself out of it. I didn’t think I would ever get over the bereavement. I worked hard to stay busy and have a good attitude about life, but with no real interests or desires, not only was it hard, it was killing me. My body was giving in to stiffness and pain. Being even more disabled, I felt unable to accomplish anything and just wanted to hide.


The only reason I had for living was my son and then this past January of 09, he moved away because of the economy and a job change. I felt abandoned and isolated all over again. Now all my family was gone .   It turned my whole world upside down again and I was devastated. My life felt empty and I fell into another depression about of my situation and condition. I fought it, but it was always there. I would go to bed at 9:30 and get up at 8 a.m. I was sleeping 10 1/2 hours.   In the morning, after just getting dressed, I was already exhausted and wanted to go back to bed. I struggled to get through the day. Finally, around 2 o’clock, I would succumb to a nap and end up sleeping 2 hours. Then I would mope around, eat supper, watch TV and go back to bed around 9:30 p m.  I felt like I was living a life of bare existence, just marking time. I just wanted to sleep my life away. I did not want to face reality and sleep was an escape for me and frankly, I just didn’t care anymore.

I started seeing Dr. Alex Gilmore a year and a half ago for weekly treatments at his clinic, Total Family Wellness Center. He was a God-send and helped me enormously, keeping me mobile.  It was the highlight of my week and life giving for me as I was starting to improve. However, there were things that just weren’t resolving.

It was then that Dr Gilmore referred me to Holly Wheeler. She told me about Body Balance and what it could do for me emotionally and energetically. I was still so far down, what did I have to lose, so I tried it. I started on Body Balance less than a month ago. My first feeling of relief was the warming of my body. I had been so cold for about 2 years that at night the coldness would wake me up often 2 or 3 times, even with a blanket, comforter and wearing sox. I couldn’t believe that after only 2 days on Body Balance, my body temperature had increased enough to let me sleep all night long, using only one comforter with no blanket or sox.

I am now up to 10oz. of Body Balance per day on Holly’s Cell Saturation Program.  I have less pain and less stiffness and it’s easier to get up out of a chair. I am feeling better about myself and my life ,and don't want to hide in my house anymore. The possibilities for my life are opening up and I don’t feel lonely or depressed anymore. Instead, I am feeling a deep sense of contentment and an enthusiasm for living life. On a scale of 1 to 10, my Emotional Happiness was about a 3, before taking BB, and now with all the improvements I am experiencing, it’s an 8 and going up. I feel like I am getting my life back. 

I am leaving the house more often because I can because I have more strength and Energy. My walking is getting easier. I have a feeling of strength in my body that I have never felt before. Even my balance is improving. On a scale of 1 to 10 my energy before taking Body Balance, was down to a 3 and now, 23 days later, it’s up to an 8 1/2.  I just can’t believe all this is happening so quickly.

I am now going to bed at 9:30p.m. and waking up refreshed at 6AM instead of 8AM ! I don’t need naps any more and have gained an extra 4 hours of energetic, awake time A DAY; sleeping 2 hours less at night and eliminating a 2 hour nap during the day. I did the math on that and I have just gained in active, awake hours, what would equate to an additional and astounding 90 days, (with 16 energetic, waking hours per day) a year. In essence, I just received 3 additional awake months per year and I feel great about it!

Now after 23 days on Body Balance, my world is very different. I feel stronger mentally and I know I will be walking without canes very soon. I have more clarity in my thinking. I am starting to think about sewing again and other creative projects, which are giving me a reason to live. I would say, before taking Body Balance, I was about a 3 Mental Clarity wise, and now I am around a 7!

The foods I used to turn my nose up at; such as spinach and carrots, are now the foods that I crave. I am learning a whole new way to enjoy good foods, which I learned on Holly’s web site www.hollysdream.com. I am now eating more vegetables and they are not only tasting yummy, but they are making me feel so much better. My food desires have actually changed.  I seem to be naturally gravitating towards foods that are good for me. It’s amazing how the body works. In truth, I am actually feeling better almost every day.  I am finally putting it together that what I eat affects how I feel. If I eat the foods I use to eat, I feel sluggish and stiff again and unable to walk very well. As soon as I go back on the healthy foods, my stiffness decreases and I have more energy. 

And the most amazing thing is that my Food Cravings have disappeared. I never realized the power of minerals, found in Body Balance, could affect my body so much. I used to crave ice cream, whip cream, chocolate and candy and I don’t crave any of them anymore!  I just ate them cuz I was hungry all the time. Once I started eating them, I couldn’t stop. What I now know is that I was starving for minerals and good nutrition because in the last 3 weeks my Food Intake has Dropped about 25 % and I haven’t even tried to cut down. I now feel satisfied and don’t even want those foods anymore, partly because I now know how badly I feel when I eat them.

Sometimes, I am afraid all this is going to go away but so far it hasn’t. All I can say is, I am so grateful to Holly for supporting me every step of the way and for her having found Body Balance and sharing it with me.

Thank you Holly

JC’s Story,

In the winter of 08 I went to Hawaii for 3 months to build a beautiful house in the jungle outside of Hilo for a friend. It was like working in the Garden of Eden.  Gorgeous tropical flowers and orchids surrounded the house, and the fruit was so abundant that it covered the ground.

I was living in paradise. I also knew I had a good paying, finish carpentry job in Steamboat Springs waiting for me when I came back home.


However, when I returned to Colorado my world began to unravel. Because of the economy and for one reason or another, I did not get the job or the money I was expecting.  Jobs had become difficult to obtain, especially ones that paid me what I was worth and my resources were running out. 


My inability to provide financially for my family put a huge strain on our 5-year relationship and I fell into a state of a deep emotional depression.

I felt like the whole world was coming down around me and I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to go get a job that paid only $10 an hour when I was used to earning $50 an hour for my skills.


I was so emotionally run down and scared that I was sleeping 12 or 13 hours a day, going to bed at 8 and not getting up until 8 or 9 am the next morning.  I was smoking 3/4 of a pack of cigarettes a day, as well as, smoking marijuana to avoid the pain in my life, which had turned into a living nightmare.  I started self-medication with movies, alcohol and marijuana, which just amplified my inability to move forward in my life.

I had lost my job and had become so negative and checked out that I was losing my partner, which only put me into a deeper depression.


Compounding my emotional state, my body was also reacting to my depression.  Even though there was a temperature contrast from Hawaii to Colorado, my body was not able to adjust to the cold. One time when I got cold, I could not stop shivering for 3 days.


It was then I met Holly Wheeler through a friend of mine, David Warren.

They both told me about the Body Balance when they heard what was going on for me. David had been on the Body Balance for a year and was going through a divorce himself.  He said how much the Body Balance had helped him deal with everything both emotionally and energy-wise, so I decided to try it. I was at a point where I knew I needed to do something; I just didn’t know what it was.


Holly started me on her Cell Saturation Program, and what happened in these last 2 weeks is nothing short of a miracle to me. My whole world has changed.  I am now Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a night instead of 12 or 13, which means that I am sleeping 4 to 6 hours less a night. I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day and am usually out of the house by 6AM. When Holly showed me the math on how much life I have gained in just sleep alone, I was stunned. At 4 hours less sleep a night, I have just gained in awake hours, what would equate to an additional 90 days, (with 14 energetic hours per day) A YEAR. In essence, I just received 3 additional awake months (of 14 hour days) per year.


As far as Cravings are concerned, cigarettes now taste yucky and if it wasn’t for still being somewhat addicted to the nicotine, I would have stopped completely, but am down to smoking 5 or 6 a day.  That alone is a big financial saving. Cigarettes cost $6.50 a pack and I was going through 20 plus packs a month. I figured out that was costing me $130 plus a month.  By cutting down I have just saved  almost $100 a month.


But the really big piece is that I have also cut out marijuana completely.

I went cold turkey, and not only have I not missed it, but I feel great.

That little habit was costing me $400 or more a month. With the cigarette habit costing me now $100 a month, the two together are saving me $500 a month and probably more cuz I am also noticing that I am Eating Less. Apparently, the Body Balance has the minerals I was lacking and I am now feeling solid and nourished like I never have felt before.


When I hit Cell Saturation I had so much energy that I had to dance for a few hours to work the energy out of my body.  My Energy has gone from a 3 to an 8 or 9.  I am not trying to avoid my life anymore by medicating.  And rather than drag through my days I am looking forward to them and starting to plan my life again. It’s wild.


Even after just 2 weeks, my body has detoxed enough that I now react to foods that aren’t good for me. I recently ate breakfast at a diner, which I have done many times and after I felt sluggish and cranky. I’ll try not to do that again!


Also, I feel clear headed and even the way I think and talk has changed. I would say my Mental Clarity has gone from a 4 or 5, on a scale of 1 to 10, to an 8 and going up. I am more positive and stable in my communications and people are starting to notice the difference in my attitude in how I am communicating. They are actually asking me what I am doing.  I would say that Emotionally, before Body Balance I was at about a 3 and now, just two weeks later, I am at an 8. I can’t believe this is possible??


The truth is, I am so glad to not be living in a fog all the time sleeping and medicating my life away. I feel like I am waking up to my own life. I have so much I had forgotten I wanted to do.


I can’t believe that I have already lost my wife and that I got close to not caring about anything and losing everything else.  I have so much appreciation for my health now that I almost permanently lost it. It’s just amazing that it could turn around so quickly. I had no idea the healing power of the body. I am so grateful for Body Balance for having exactly what my body needed. Thank you Holly. Thank you David. Thank you Body Balance.

Lark’s Story

I am 57 and have been a working artist since I was 19 years old. I have lived a healthy life, exercised regularly and ate mostly nutritious and non-processed foods. Quite suddenly I found myself waking up exhausted. On a scale of 1 to 10 I felt like a 5 and it scared me. I was addicted to coffee and my nervous system was exhausted and I had occasional anxiety attacks. I was often overwhelmed and felt isolated at times and I did not want to socialize. I did not have the strength I am accustomed to. I used to be able to work long hours doing physical work but found myself exhausted after 40 minutes. I became fearful that I was going down hill fast. It was very depressing. I so wanted to go to my Nieces graduation but I just did not have the stamina to travel.

I was doing everything I shouldn’t do, sugar, alcohol, and coffee. My health was steadily deteriorating, I was also losing my temper and without patience. Having pushed and pushed for about a year, moving, starting a business here, I finally hit the wall. My skin on my stomach broke out in the worst rash. I was tired most of the time and it started to affect my ability to earn a living and in general enjoy my life. Being a doer I kept going. To promote my Art Glass Business I traveled to road shows around the country. The shows took all my energy. When I returned home it might take an entire week to get my strength back.

Three years ago I met Holly. At that time I had just begun working with a Naturopathic Dr. and took his course for 6 months .He taught me how to be healthy, I felt great . Then the old bad habits started seeping back into my life. I overworked, stressed to the max, and just went down hill. I remember Holly talking about her Life Force products and decided to call and meet with Her. As a coach I found her to be very loving, understanding and non judgmental. She was able to transfer her life’s knowledge and set me on a course to health again I have been on Holly’s Cell Saturation program and Life Force products for over 6 months now.

Within the first 3 weeks I started to feel more peaceful, energized and hopeful. NOW......... I feel like I am walking thru my life instead of into walls of dysfunction and exhaustion. I understand the importance of whole food nutrition that is in the Body Balance. It has helped me stay away from sugar, dairy and unhealthy starches. I am making better choices across the board, pacing myself, drinking more water, taking naps, and have wholesome food in my fridge. My emotional state has improved greatly. In the past when I would get a small cut it would very often get infected and take over a week to heal. In the first 3 weeks of taking body balance my cuts stopped getting infected and healed much quicker. That is Amazing to me and I am so grateful.

Its been 7 + months now. I will be honest in saying I’m not always eating, as I should and doing all the right things. Recently I did a 10-day road trip and got way off track. I am now recovering from the Swine Flu. I know that if I had not been taking the Life Force products I would have been at a much higher risk. As it was I was down for a week and bounced back quickly. IN our world, which is plaque with environmental pollutions, depleted soil and high stress, we are very fortunate to have products like Life Force and health coaches Like Holly Wheeler to help our immune system stay strong. Give it a try, Keep love your Priority and DO YOUR BEST to stay in the moment.

To your continuing Good health, Lark Abel

Carolyn’s Story

I am 25 years old and have had a history of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since I was 11. Symptoms of IBS would be exaggerated around my period where I would just feel crummy. My periods have often caused me a lot of discomfort: I get cramps and feel nauseous to the point where I can hardly walk and would have to ask my roommates to help do things for me. The pain was often so bad that I was driven to take pain medication, which I usually avoid.

I have now been on Body Balance for two months and already my menstrual cycle has greatly improved. During my last two cycles, there was no pain or discomfort of any kind, and the flow was lighter. It was great.

It has also been typical that my eliminations have been erratic, particularly around my period. During my last cycle, my eliminations were consistent and easy to pass with no sign of IBS. This is the first time in years that I have noticed this. It’s particularly amazing, as I was going through a very high-stress time in my life, which would normally have aggravated my colon.

I met Holly in Mexico and she shared, after hearing my story, about her Cell Saturation Program. When I came home, I checked out her hollysdream.com web site and after reading some of the stories of people she has personally coached through the cell saturation process, I decided to give it a try.

When I started Body Balance, it was a stressful time in my life. I wasn’t sleeping well and was snacking between meals and eating more junk food. I also was eating a lot at dinner and going to bed on a full stomach. On 4 ounces a day of Body Balance I experienced a headache that lasted a few days. It wasn’t until I hit 6 ounces, that my emotional body shifted in a very positive way, sort of like a runner’s high but I hadn’t gone running. People made comments about my high, positive energy.

It’s remarkable that in just a couple of weeks, I felt my overall health had noticeably improved. I don’t feel like snacking between meals anymore and I am eating half as much for dinner and feeling satisfied. I am in a good place with consistent good moods and most of the time I have an ongoing sense of wellbeing. My hairdresser has commented on how strong and healthy my hair seems, my colleagues noticed that I’m the only person who hasn’t gotten the cold going around, and I have no interest in caffeine in the morning at all. A glass of Body Balance, and I’m good to go.

If I were to have rated my health before taking Body Balance, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being great), I would have put myself at a 7.5. Now, the scale has extended because there is a level of wellness I didn’t know existed before. So, on the new scale, I would rate myself at a 6 before taking Body Balance and now after taking Body Balance I would put myself at an 8 and going up.

Many different parts of my body are improving all at the same time. I always believed in the wisdom of the body, but I had no idea about the power of minerals as I had just thought about vitamins. I want everyone I know to have great health. It makes all the difference. Thank you for sharing, Holly, and thank you Life Force.

Valerie’s Story

I have so many physically challenges from a car accident 10 years ago.
I developed osteo arthritis and a degenerated disk as a result of the accident. Then the situational/relationship stress in my life compounded with the physical stress from the accident just wore me out and I have been living with chronic fatigue for the last 10 years on top of everything else. I recently went off all pain medication for my back and was at my wits end what to do.

I met Holly through a friend in Boulder. I am an RN and make house calls. Holly started talking about what Body Balance had done for her and I told her that I had already tried it. She said, “I bet you didn’t do my Cell Saturation program”. And the rest is my story.

5/27/09 on 12 Ounces a Day
I am a single mom and am dealing with some very serious emotional challenges. I am in the middle of breaking up from a 10-year relationship. I am financially on the edge from month to month and am exhausted most of the time. I started going through the Cell Saturation program a few weeks ago and now experiencing a detox. I feel irritable and am waking up every morning with a headache. I am trying to cut out sugar and get to bed earlier.

5/28/09 on 14 Ounces a Day.
I am still sleeping 9 hours a night and come home every day and just collapse on the couch wondering how I am going to get through the next day. I would give anything to have more energy. At least the headaches are gone.

6/2 on 20 Ounces a Day
I am noticing only a slight increase in Energy. I am now coming home from work and not just collapsing on the couch but am still sleeping a lot. I am having second thoughts about whether I will hit Cell Saturation and ever notice anything. I am concerned because this process is very expensive. I talked to Holly and she encouraged me to keep going because I was so close. I would have given up.

6/11 on 22 Ounces a Day
Today I hit Cell Saturation. I can’t believe what happening to me. I did 22 ounces of Body Balance, which is only 2 ounces more than yesterday and I hit it. I am just feeling too happy, giddy, excited and energetic. This has to be it. I don’t do caffeine and I am not jittery but it is like bouncing off the walls. I am feeling almost silly. I have some very emotional issues that are going on, that are negating a little bit of what I might be feeling with the Body Balance as far as my energy and happiness. But I feel so stable and clear mentally during a time that should be very difficult for me. I am breaking up from a 10-year relationship and my x husband is also getting married this weekend. All of that would normally put me into a fog and a depression. What’s happening is just the opposite of what I would normally experience. Instead of going into a fog and being all down, I am handling things.

For the Body Balance to give me all that energy, is amazing. What a difference there is in how I feel. If it weren’t for the limitations I have with my back, I can’t imagine feeling any better. Everyone is saying to me, “ I can see it. I can tell. There is a clarity and energy and happiness about you.” I am extremely excited about this. I want to tell everyone.

I can honestly say now that before I took the Body Balance my energy level was at a 3 and now it’s over the top at a 10 plus. I thought it was at a 5 but I am now on a new scale and feeling a level of energy that I didn’t know was possible. I can say the same for my emotions. I would now say I was at a 3 with my mood stability but now I am over the top at a 10. That’s particularly amazing because I have only been getting 5 hours of sleep the last few days because my son is visiting and we have been staying up late talking. I have only been doing Holly’s Cell Saturation program for 5 weeks and just can hardly believe it’s the same me.

It was good that it did take me 22 ounces to Cell Saturate, because now I can say to my friends and clients with total confidence “That it may take you 8 or 14 ounces cuz it took me 22 ounces in one day to reach Cell Saturation”, and know it’s true.

I have to say, I was going through the bottles pretty rapidly, but I wanted so badly to get healthy and wanted to believed Holly that I hung in there. I am so beyond grateful that I did. I was so close and didn’t know it and almost missed getting my life back. Without Holly I would have given up and gone all the way back to 4 ounces a day and never rebuilt my body. I probably would have quit for financial reasons. What a close call and what a blessing. I had no idea the power of minerals and the ability of the body. Thank you Holly. Thank you Body Balance.

Cindi’s Story

Before I started taking Body Balance, sleep was an issue for me. I was a light sleeper and would be awakened by house noises like the furnace going on. I was waking up 3 or 4 times a night and at least one of those times I would be up for 1 to 2 hours. I would have to stay in bed 9 hours just to get my sleep and even then, I wasn’t waking up rested.

I was also dealing with a low level depression that was endlessly on-going. It was like I had a gray cloud was over me all the time that was keeping out any joy. I was operating at about a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale. I felt fairly hopeless and unmotivated most of the time. I lacked enthusiasm for my life and as a result, felt unproductive. On an emotional level, I was about a 2 or 3 on the 1 to 10 scale. I was also premenopausal and spotting regularly.

I got to a point, where I didn’t feel like being with friends. I was forcing myself to go out and realized I wasn’t having fun anymore. My emotional state and willingness to socialize had slipped down to about a 2. Especially when it started getting cold I just felt like shutting the world out and staying at home. And then, as it started getting darker earlier, I just seemed to want to go to bed and crawl under my blankets which was starting to be as early as 7:30.

And then I ran into Jefree Kaufman about a month ago and he told me about Body Balance and Holly’s cell saturation program. I have now been on Body Balance for 1 month and everything has changed. I can hardly believe it. I still wake up 3 or 4 times a night but now I go right back to sleep. My sleep is more peaceful and I am now sleeping deeply and don’t hear the house noises anymore. I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. What a blessing that is !

After a week and a half on the Body Balance the spotting stopped entirely. And now a month later, I notice I am less hungry. My emotional body has transformed and my depression has lifted. I feel a lot more optimistic and enthusiastic for my life. I have gone from a 2 or 3 emotionally, to an 8 and going up. I feel that I am productive again. My joy is coming back and at 7:30, instead of wanting to go to bed I want to go out and be with friends again and go listen to music or go to a movie. I have a zest for life again and in such a short time. It’s amazing. I had no idea the power of whole food nutrition. Thank you Jefree and Holly for reaching out to me. And thank you Body Balance. I am so very grateful.


David Warren's Story

Most of my life I have had to fight depression and, what I now know to call, brain fog, otherwise, add forgetfulness. Over the last 10 years, I would find myself daydreaming – spaced out and just unable to focus and be present. It created a serious problem in my marriage especially, when my wife was asking me to do something. I was constantly forgetting things which would come back and bite me. Of course, my wife took it personally and said it was because I didn’t care. That was not true but there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stay present and remember things. I simply couldn’t get my brain to work right.

In the evening when I would put Stella to bed around 8:00, I would fade as well and end up falling asleep with her. My day was done. On an energy level I was running at about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. I was exhausted and emotionally drained. All I could do after that was brush my teeth and go to bed. This also, did not help my marriage.

I have been struggling for years with the stress from my relationship, trying to keep it together for the sake of our daughter. I have felt like a failure in my marriage because I have felt ill equipped to show up mentally plus being exhausted. It has left me depressed, anxious and emotionally tired most of the time. All I seemed to want to do was run for the mountains and be by myself to find some peace and be out of the line of fire. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would put myself at a 3 across the board; mentally, emotionally and just being able to cope. I felt trapped in my own body. I am sad to say we are now going thru a divorce.

In the summer of 08 I met Holly Wheeler and she recommended Body Balance and her cell saturation program. I had nothing to lose and with the money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. I didn’t notice anything for weeks. Holly kept encouraging me to increase the amount. If it wasn’t for Holly telling me “To hang in there”, I never would have continued. I actually got up to 28 ounces a day before the cell saturation kicked in. I truly thought it was never going to work for me and couldn’t believe I was taking nearly a bottle a day. It was way over the top expensive at that amount but Holly wouldn’t let up. Thank God she didn’t !!!!

And then it happened. One night I put Stella to bed and did not fall asleep with her. I got up and was ready to do something else and went in to read for a few hours before I went to bed. That was different. Then over the next week Holly kept asking me questions about my energy, mental clarity and ability to cope. I started to notice that I was more present and not checking out like I was before. As the weeks went on my energy started to really increase. I would say at that point, 6 weeks later, my energy was up to an 8 on the 1 to 10 scale. I started getting up early to go for bike rides before taking Stella to school and then going to work. This was really different. Then I started having days where I had so much energy running thru my body I had to start lowering my Body Balance amount. What a problem ! There are now times when I am a flat 10,
energy-wise. It’s not only great, It’s amazing!!

My anxiety and depression have also, dropped from around a 7 to a 3 or less and I seem to be increasing able to better cope. Probably the best thing that happened is that I have mostly stopped feeling spacy anymore and starting to be able to count on feeling mentally clear and present for the first time in years. Now that is worth it all ! I had no idea of the power that whole food nutrition could have on so many levels of my life.

It’s a miracle to me.

Jan Walker’s Story

All my life it seems, I have struggled with weight, self esteem and body image issue.  I have even been hospitalized for anorexia and bulimia. I have tried diets, had liposuction, breast enlargements and I am still not happy and not liking who I really am. I constantly wake up each morning thinking how am I going to not eat so much, what I am going to eat, and if I am going to eat at all!
A year ago, I was over the top, stressed out and overwhelmed. My job was very demanding, seeing clients back to back 8 hours and day and had a boss who continually said, "do more, see more, be more"!  I was exhausted and was already pushed to my limit. I couldn’t do anymore. I went to a naturopath doctor who diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue and charged me $1500 for his services and supplements. I was aghast at the price, but was hoping I would feel better. I didn't. 

Somehow, God has had a plan in mind for my life, which I don't fully understand but on July 8, I was laid off.  I am a mental health therapist and bingo, on that day my life and my world came to an end. A crushing end.  I identified with my job. I was my job and my clients were my life. Not anymore. So here I was, without a job in this crushing economy.  My husband ironically began a new job on July 8, but his income was not sufficient enough for me to not work. 

I started cleaning cabins, which I was good as I could work my own hours when I had energy enough to do it. However, the best part is I was able to meet Holly Wheeler through this. She happened to be visiting her friends here in Pinedale, WY, who owned the cabins.  I started talking to her about nutrition and she introduced me to Body Balance.  I was leery because of the doctor’s visit last year, his price, and once again having to pay money to hopefully start feeling better and the hope of having energy. 

At the time of our meeting, my energy level was about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. I felt horrible and was dragging through life. Sofia, Holly’s friend, who owned the cabins, had left for Germany and I ordered the products on my own not knowing about the possibility of a detox. I started taking 2 oz of BB and felt even worse. I thought I was supposed to feel better taking Body Balance but instead was sick to my stomach, irritable, and overall felt just plain yuccy. Also, I had not yet received Holly's support emails on her website www.hollysdream.com of what to expect. 

I called Holly and found out that I was indeed in detox.  My energy level was now about 1 or 2.  Holly encouraged me and told me this was “great news” and that it proved the Body Balance was Body Balance was helping me do and that I would eventually feel better and to hang in there. Then after the 4th day, I started taking 4 oz and started feeling a little more energetic. Now I was about a 4, energy-wise.  Today I have just been on 4 days of 8 oz and I feel about a 5 or 6.  I actually feel good. 

A lot of my energy and pizzazz has to do with if my marriage is going OK.  Today my marriage is doing well, so therefore, I am feeling well.  I know I have been codependent most of my life, so I am hoping that taking BB will give me some emotional and financial independence so that I can be ‘codependent no more’!  I am so grateful my life is going in the right direction and that I now have hope that I can become whole again and get my life back on all levels. I had no idea the power of whole food nutrition.

Tamara’s Story

At first glance it would have seemed that my life was perfect. I had a dream job of running and eco-lodge and leading sea kayaking tours in a spectacular area of Mexico. I was constantly surrounded by wonderful people and a loving family. I have a strong, young, body that could run, kayaking, bike, or surf for hours every day.

Could I ask for more?

Unfortunately, the moments in the day when I could see the beauty of my life were becoming fewer, as I discovered that my fitness was no longer synonymous or connected with my energy levels. At age 24, my days were becoming filled with huge energy swings. Energy highs came only with the endorphin release activated by physical activity. Only then did I feel truly alive and happy. But it never lasted long. Then I would overeat at lunch to replenish the lost calories from exercise which would then launched me into an afternoon lull of fogginess and naps. Energy would only come again if I undertook some another form of rigorous activity.

Over the course of a day, I would have roughly 6 or 7 hours of mental alertness and the rest of the time felt like a 5 or 6 on an energy scale of 1-10. I starting turning to caffeine as a stimulant to carry me through the day. My attention span was extremely limited and I never seemed to wake up feeling refreshed, despite sleeping 8-10 hours a night. I was so frustrated as it didn’t seem like anything there was anything I could do that would make a difference.

In the winter of 200, other health issues revealed themselves. Unusual hormonal rhythms (especially PMS), mood swings, acne and the sudden discovery of a dysfunctional kidney all turned my attention to my body system as a whole. Stress and the previously mentioned fatigue exacerbated all my issues. I began to wonder if they were all linked or related somehow.

Having always been interested in learning about health and nutrition, I became desperate to understand more about how what I was eating was affecting my body. However, through independent research I quickly became overwhelmed with conflicting theories of modern medicine, naturopathy, and the multi-vitamin craze. I was confused about what to eat: organic vs. local, protein, fats, carbs, minerals, vitamins and decided that moderation in everything would be my theme song. Unfortunately, this didn’t change my health issues, or my foggy daily life.

I then had the good fortune of meeting Holly Wheeler, a clinical nutritionist and one of the top people in Life Force, who urged me to observe my dietary habits and focus on rejuvenating my whole body with minerals at the cellular level using a product that had saved her life called Body Balance.

Discouraged by the price of Body Balance (I’m a recent college grad with loans) and initially skeptical that I couldn’t get enough nutrition from my whole food diet alone, I delayed on taking the Body Balance. As I became more health challenged over the winter, I revisited the idea of Body Balance and started doing research on the properties of its ingredients, seaweed and aloe-vera. I learned that seaweed has all the minerals that our soils are missing. I also learned that Body Balance, because it is liquid, is 98% bio-available as compared to capsules and pills of vitamins and minerals which are only 30% absorbed.

As an environmental economics major, I began to connect the dots with how I was feeling and soil depletion. It appeared that food is only as good as the soil it is grown in and my body was only as good as the food I was eating!!! I finally understood that even organic didn’t mean vitamin and mineral rich. It only meant no pesticides. I began to think harder about Body Balance and found my self asking how could I NOT afford to take Body Balance.

Long story short, I recently went and visited Holly in Colorado and she made me delicious smoothies every morning with the Body Balance and a few other Life Force products and helped me make some basic changes to my diet. I am here to tell you that it changed my life! Body Balance turned out to be the multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that my body has been starving for all this time but I didn’t know it! Bottom line, I was minerally deficient just like the food I was eating!

Everything changed when the minerals got in my body. My energy went from a 6 on an energy scale with only 6 or 7 hours a day to function to a consistent 9 or 10 all day long! It has been years since I felt like this and I am only 24! My attention span and awareness are sharp again and the brain fog is gone. I can do what I want energy wise all day long and still have energy to read after dinner! And on the subject of dinner, I don’t crave food any more. It’s all amazing! I feel like a new person and now love knowing that I am finally giving my body what it needs for what I hope will now be a long, healthy, active awake life.
I would never have believed that the whole food liquid minerals in Body Balance
could make such a difference. I feel like I got my life back and that my body is thanking me every moment for making the dietary and supplement changes. I want all my friends and family to be on Body Balance. There is no other way to live.

Jay’s Story

In 07 I had a good business going and it fell apart as I started losing my energy and the fortitude to weather the challenges to keep it afloat. I was getting tired by 2 or 3 in the afternoon and having to stop work. Naps had become a part of most every day. I had a lot to do but just couldn’t make myself do it. My business went under and I had to close my company. I was mentally overwhelmed and couldn’t deal with all I had to do.

I also had had a head injury in 07 which affected my memory and I found myself forgetting things I had to do. By 8:00 at night I was totally tired and couldn’t even watch a movie. I am not much of a drinker but if I did, I would be immediately wiped out and have to go to sleep. My sleep also being affected as I was sleeping up to 10 hours a night and still waking up tired. I definitely had times of day that I had energy and could function, but I couldn’t count on it.

In only a month later my world turned around. I was astonished. Everything changed. I started sleeping 2 hours less a night. I was now sleeping 8 hours a night and waking up refreshed and ready to start my day. What’s amazing about that is that I did the math and realized that by knocking off 2 hours of sleep I gained 52 fourteen hour days a year of awake time. That is beyond comprehension. That’s fantastic !!!

My brain has kicked in and I can now focus for long stretches at a time if I need to, without feeling overwhelmed, even in the middle of an internet café !! I am not napping any more and I can count on my energy. My energy has moved from a fluctuating dragging 4 to 6 to a much more consistent and productive 7 or 8 and going up. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and tired and being able to do doing nothing about it, I am able to actually get up and accomplish what I need to. I am so grateful for that.

I feel that if I had known about Body Balance a year ago I would have had the where with all to not loose my company. Now when I have an occasional drink it doesn’t wipe me out and I can still be with my friends and not a zombie. How could I know the power of whole food nutrition would affect me in such a dramatic way. WOW ! I got my life back. That’s the ultimate gift !!

Lisa Jones Story

Up until 3 years ago I was extremely active, probably the most active and energetic person I knew. That’s when my life changed and I moved to Boulder which was both physically and emotionally draining. The move itself was exhausting and I hated leaving my friends and my life in Paonia. The first month in Boulder I slept 12 hours a night. Initially, I thought I was just recovering from the move but then I kept getting worse. Nature was harder to get to and I was became more sedentary.

Ultimately, I felt so badly and my energy was so low that I finally went to see an MD who diagnosed me with Hypo Thyroid. He put me on thyroid medication which took a year to get right but definitely it helped. Still, I was not reliable energetically. My energy fluctuated a lot which was particularly hard for me as I used to be the most energetic person I knew and I was not that person anymore. My energy had dropped from a 10 to a 5 in a matter of months. I started leaving parties early and didn’t want to socialize any more. I was becoming withdrawn and would rather stay at home. When my husband, Peter, would go to his social gatherings for his work I wouldn’t go with him. We used to climb mountains together and now the very thought of that is daunting.

On another note, my PMS was off the charts. In the last 2 years, during my cycle, I would turn into a raving, emotional bitch. Anything would trigger me. There were times each month during my cycle, when I would have an internal dialog, where truly, I would want to kill people. It was my version of road rage. If I was out hiking on a trail and said hello to someone passing by and they didn’t say hello back, I would come unglued and it was all I could do to not to turn around and run after them and verbally attack them and tell them how rude they were and ask them why they didn’t say “hi” back to me. I have never had to manage my emotions like this before.

When I met Holly in October of 08 I had really slid health-wise and was feeling terrible. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was about a 3. I couldn’t even make a fist I was so feeble. I did what I needed to do but if I was given a choice I would rather curl up and rest or sleep. I actually thought I was dying.

I have now been on Body Balance for 2 weeks and being coached by Holly herself and doing her cell saturation program. I am now taking 18 ounces a day and still going up. I have already noticed a huge change on all levels. I am noticing that my road rage and critical brain is becoming more tolerant and even open to the possibility of fun. A person I have dealt with for a year and whom I previously harshly judged, I am now starting to enjoy and able to see who she is and actually starting to like her.

My food cravings have dramatically changed. I was recently on my feet all day with my family at a museum. At the end of the day they all got an ice cream cone. I didn’t even remotely want it. That was so unusual! It’s like my food cravings are going away by themselves.


My energy is now much more even. I am sleeping an hour and sometimes an hour and a half less every day and waking up at 6:30 and feeling refreshed. I did the math on that and realized that in sleeping just one hour less a night I gain 24 full fourteen hour days a year. That blew me away. That’s almost a whole month. At an hour and a half less sleep it’s an astounding 36 full fourteen hour days more a year !!!

My energy is now consistent almost all day long and I feel about a 7 or 8 as opposed to the rollercoaster of 3s or 4s where I was on only a few weeks ago. I have doubled my energy in just two weeks. That’s amazing to me.

I am skeptical but I have to say, hopeful because if this is for real I will be so happy to share this with everyone I know. I had no idea the power of whole food nutrition and what a difference it could make it my life in two short weeks.

Tiger’s Story

Starting last year my knees have been bad, consistently. I first started noticing that 2-3 years ago alternate knees were starting to give me trouble. My life as a builder was starting to look limited and my ability to earn money for my family was becoming questionable and it was scary. I was wondering what I was going to do. I couldn’t exercise, and if I did, I ended up in pain, which turned to depression. I knew that no exercise would compromise my health. I became depress, and that lead me to abusive tendencies like drinking more. I went to a doctor that recommended that I have knee replacement surgery, which for me was out of the question. Often when I exercised I would end up paying for it; with my knees becoming so painful that I couldn’t sleep. It was becoming a vicious cycle. Exercise; pain; depression; abusive tendencies—a vicious cycle.

A friend of our family, Holly Wheeler, had helped our daughter, Tamara, with energy, and digestive related issues. At the time, I didn’t think much about it with regards to myself, as I wasn’t aware of the joint product offered by Life Force. When I learned that there was, in fact, a product that targeted joint and tendons, I was at such a low point in my knees that I was willing do anything. I was at a point where my knees were at an all-time low and I was willing to try anything to avoid knee replacement surgery. Holly recommended Flexeoplus 6 times/day and I have to say that the results have been nothing short of amazing. Even to my skeptical self! Before I started on the flexeoplus the range of pain was between a 2 and a 6 on a scale of 1- 10 . Now, only 2 weeks later, the range has moved up to between a 5 and an 8. I’m starting to be able to do things that I didn’t ever think that I’d be able to do again. I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t get out of a chair without using my arms to lift me. Now I can get out of the chair on the strength of my knees and legs alone. After walking around for an hour or so before, I could go down stairs 1 step at a time because of the pain. Now, I can go up and down stairs like anyone else (with good knees). It’s given me new hopes and aspirations for what I will actually be able to do as I age—things I thought I’d lost forever, that I’d given up on. One dream was hiking with my granddaughter, the 220 mile John Muir Trail, when she turns 13. I am thrilled at the prospect that I will actually be able to fulfill this dream. Getting my knees back means getting my life back; getting my hopes and dreams back. There have been times when I was verging on pretty serious depression. Times where I was as low as a 6 or a 7. The depression is completely gone and life is good! I am thrilled looking into the future of my life!

Not only do my knees not hurt, I’m now doing MUCH more that I could previously do. I’m now walking 11 miles when I couldn’t even go up and down the stairs only 2 short weeks ago! I had no idea the power of Flexeo and I’m a HUGE fan.

Tracy’s Story

Before cell saturating with Body Balance:
I am 38 and I have felt that I have been carrying a low-grade anxiety since I was a kid from a trauma that happened when I was 10. I have been a pretty unhappy girl for a long time. My energy is about a 5 or 6 and my emotional wellbeing is about a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale.

I sleep fitfully and wake up 3 or 4 times a night. Every other week or so, I wake up feeling like a slug. I feel heavy and have the energy and vitality of about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10.

My emotional health and evenness of temperament is also about a 4.
I frequently experience mood changes and feel irritable more than half of the time. I judge everyone and particularly myself and end up feeling guilty for not living up to my potential. I am not motivated to do my life and just can’t seem to find any passion for anything in my life. It’s like I live with a low-grade tension and feel like I am being dragged around by my emotions.

My attention span is all over the place. I forget things I was thinking about 30 seconds before. I can’t remember enough of anything I read to have a discussion about it. It makes me feel really stupid and embarrassed.

My addictions to sugar are about a 9.5 and I am close to being obsessed to being on the computer because it gives me a false sense of safety and because I don’t have to deal with my life and personal goals. I feel like I have a deep fear of failure and am scared to get back into life.

Week 3.
I still have a constant nervous energy running thru my body. I constantly play with my hair and bite and fidget with my fingernails. I can’t seem to relax. I am up to 10 ounces a day.

Week 4. A breakthrough !
I went thru a detox where I felt…… and am now at 12 ounces. My energy has come up to an astounding 9, which is helping create an emotional balance. I now want to do things and my new energy is giving me motivation to do them. I have hope again and am excited for the first time on a long time about my future.

My emotional body is now between a 9 and 10 and sometimes even feels like an 11. Wow!! I am absolutely amazed that my energy levels and emotions could turn around so quickly. I am laughing again. It’s wonderful. I have been taking the Body Balance for 1 only month. I can’t believe I feel like this. I am ready to be in life again for the first time in almost 15 years. I had no idea the power of the rare earth minerals and the whole food nutrition in Body Balance. This is extraordinary! I have gotten my life back.

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