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The following testimonials are from people who have had outstanding experiences with the products. The testimonials were submitted in their own words and have not been altered. Life Force International has not endorsed these statements. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Appendicitis/ Surgery

I have a friend Terri who lives in Denver who is maxed out at her job working 60-70 hours per week. One day I told her that she should try some products that would help her with her health and stamina. She said yes. She took it for about 3 ½ weeks. I ran into her and she had just gotten out of the hospital. She had a sudden appendicitis and the doctors were amazed because she recovered in 3 days and was back to work. She was begging for another bottle, the doctors were asking how did she did this, and she was very happy taking it.

Jamie Wise


Energy/ Kidney Problems/ Surgery

My name is Linda and I'm very very happy that I was introduced to Dream Away and then Body Balance and over time to the other Life Force products. I was never well as a child and had suffered most of my life with congestive asthma. Which has improved greatly.

My Life Force story began 4 years ago I had a kidney stone that moved out of the kidney into my urethra in June. I went until November in great pain and discomfort. When taken to the ER the Doctor on duty took x-rays etc. and said I had a rare bowel disease- gave me medication to make my bowels move (which they didn't) gave me pain pills and sent me home. This was on a Friday. By Sunday morning, I was totally dehydrated and I started vomiting Friday night due to the reaction to the pain pills and my kidney having not drained for 5 months. So, Sunday morning my husband took me back to the ER. A different doctor looked at my x-rays and saw the stone right away. However, I laid in the ER all day. Finally my daughter told them I needed an I.V. as I had been dehydrated for days. So, finally I was admitted and put into a room to await surgery on Tuesday. Because of the stone being where it was, I only had two options.

I chose one where, I had surgery and had to go 14 days with a stint, a catheter, wire and basket. I did get to go home for the 14 days. I was on heavy pain medication and also sulfa drugs to keep the infection at bay. I went back in for my 2 nd surgery, but I had a hard time coming out of the anesthetic and also could not get any air in my lungs.

To skip ahead, I never got over the last surgery and just felt worse and worse everyday to the point that I told my husband that I wasn't going to make it. I wasn't sleeping day or night and I was totally exhausted. The Dr. suggested exercise, so I went to the Fitness Center run by Kathy Monet Smith, where she introduced me to Dream Away and I started sleeping again!

She introduced me to Body Balance and I started getting back some energy! Since the surgery, I also started having a lot of pain in my muscles and joints and now I take Osteo and Flexo. I also had a thyroid problems come up to a thyroid tumor and have had great success with Taheebo!

Thank you Kathy! I am becoming well! And thank you Life Force!

Linda Snead



Post Polio, Post Spinal Operation, Kidney Removed, Broken Leg, Neck Problems, Arthritis, Sleep Difficulties, Sneezing (painful), Pain

Contracted Polio at 13 years of age.

Underwent a spinal operation at 26 due to an accident while nursing.

Had a kidney and rib removed at 40.

Broke right leg at 50, which healed slowly and is unstable.

Suffers neck problems due to a car accident.

Has suffered with arthritis for many years, being unable to close or open fingers fully.

Unable to sleep properly and suffered extreme fatigue for many years.

Recently seems to have pain everywhere.

Dreaded to sneeze because of extreme pain that once caused her to pass out.

Pat started taking “OsteoProCare” on 9 th of February, 2000 and “Body Balance” on the 11 th of February 2000. Below are reports of her various conditions before and one month after taking these two Life Force products.

Fingers and Thumbs

(Before) Painful, unable to open or close. Weak Grip.

(After) Able to open and close fully. No pain. Full strength.

Head and Neck

(Before) Movement restricted and painful

(After) Full movement, no pain.


(Before) Painful and tender

(After) No pain or tenderness.


(Before) Painful and Tender

(After) No pain or tenderness


(Before) Painful and tender

(After) Greatly improved, but some pain (two months later no pain)

Left Hip

(Before) Some pain

(After) No pain

Right Hip

(Before) Very painful

(After) No pain.

Right Leg Break

(Before) Painful and tender to touch

(After) No pain or tenderness

Right Big Toe

(Before) Painful

(After) No pain


(Before) Painful and slow

(After) No pain and faster


(Before) Tired Continuously

(After) Greatly improved


(Before) Extremely Painful

(After) No Pain


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