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Stroke (Lower Brain Stem)

With all stress, Enar had a lower brain stem stroke. He nearly died on the way tot the hospital. It left him paralyzed in the throat and with special disorientation. We got him out of the hospital on a stretcher. The doctors wanted to put him in a nursing home situation, and he was so weak (114lbs) and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach, and was deteriorating. We took him to Norm Buba, MD who introduced us to Body Balance by Life Force along with taking him off the chemicals and drugs they had him on, we fed him blended real foods and lots of Body balance throughout the day and night. He has made such a dramatic recovery that the speech therapist is using the product and recommending it! He literally has blown away statistic on lower brain strokes. In 30 days, he can swallow and talk once again, has gained 20lbs. he lost and his equilibrium is returning. I highly recommend that you try Body Balance!

June Fridh

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