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Seizure Story

Dear Holly, My son (19 years old) is recovering from Encephalitis, and is currently still considered disabled. He was hospitalized in March of 2002 and nearly institutionalized because his brain was so messed up. He was having hundreds of seizures per day, and no anti-seizure medication could handle the hundreds of seizures that he was having per day. That was his senior year of high school, and he was unable to return to school to finish up his senior year normally. He finished his senior year both in the hospital and in home hospital. I was unable to go back to work because although the doctors felt that he needed to be institutionalized, I could not do that to him. In July I begin my Life Force business because my sponsor and great friend Pete Ellison searched the Internet for something that I could do. He found Concord, which of course required that I purchase product. My son asked if he could use the Body Balance, which I had received because he was desperate for anything that had the remotest chance of making him feel better. I was reluctant to allow him to try anything because life had been “hell on earth” for us, and I was afraid that something more tragic would happen, and I was at the end of my rope, if you know what I mean. Life had been so scary. I agreed to allow my son to use Body Balance and pretty much the rest is history. The seizures immediately stopped. He has never had a seizure since he began the product.

Now my son is trying to start his own business with Life Force but may have to wait until I am Platinum unless Life Force allows him in a little bit early because of the circumstances. Just thought I'd share his story with you, since you have inspired me so much.

Thank you for being such and inspiration to all people but especially to the women in the Life Force family.


Debbie Keith


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