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Heavy Metal


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Heavy Metal Toxicity


Much attention has been given to the toxic effects of heavy metals in the body. However, it is important to make the distinction between organic and inorganic metals. For example, an apple contains 3-5 mg of aluminum and trace amounts of leaf, arsenic, and mercury. Micro or trace minerals are essential for good health if they come from an organic and plant source. In contrast, if they come from an inorganic or metallic source, they are toxic. For example, iodine in an organic form is necessary for health. Non-organic or metallic iodine in the same amount can kill you.

Gary Price Todd, M.D., author of Nutrition, health and Disease, conducted a study with individuals who had heavy metal poisoning, specifically lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum. Patients were placed on a program of all spectrum bio-available, organic, micro trace minerals. After 16 months, the study demonstrated reduced levels of toxic metals in the patients. They concluded that organic tonic minerals naturally chelate or remove the inorganic minerals from the body.

Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Chief of Staff of the Specialized clinic for Chronic illness and Therapy- Resistant Patients conducted a study that concluded the trace minerals were not toxic, but rather assisted the cell's vital functions and enhanced detoxification as well as accelerated healing process of chronic illness.

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