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Gerri's Story


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Gerri Hillman's Story


Gerri Hillman, who is the wife of the owner and founder of Life Force, was seriously challenged with chronic fatigue over 20 years ago. She had gone from 135 lbs to 80 lbs and the doctors had given up. Wayne, her husband, along with a scientist biologist friend, discovered the nutrient value of sea vegetables, and together they formulated a drink with the juice of the sea vegetables, aloe vera, black cherry and a touch of honey. Then to everyone’s surprise and delight Gerri started to improve. Over the next three months she made a full recovery, gained her weight back and is today, 20 years later, a vibrant, healthy lady. (This is the same formula that Body Balance is today.)

Of course, Gerri and Wayne were thrilled and went back to their doctors to show them the formula and tell them what had happened. The doctors were stunned and, needless to say, started referring the tonic to their own patients to see if it would work again on others. It did, and that's how Life Force came into being. For the first 16 years the product was solely distributed through licensed health care practitioners and available only through private practices. Ultimately, there were over 6000 doctors who carried Life Force and the company grew to about 3 million a year.

Then a few years ago, some patients, who were tired of going through the doctors to get their Body Balance, went to Wayne to see if they could buy the products directly from the company. After some consideration, Wayne and a team of network marketers converted the distribution to the state of the art referral compensation plan it is today.

Life Force with its rare earth minerals and its universal effect is becoming the Coca Cola of the Health Industry and turning out to be the beverage of choice for all the baby boomers and young and old alike. Because of the brilliant compensation plan we are also becoming the flagship of network marketing. Our retention is 70% vs.10% compared to the rest of the industry, and all industries, for that matter. The company went from 3 million a year, selling to doctors, to $18 million in ‘99 with people telling their friends, and is just going up. Does that tell you something about the product? Why? Simply because people are tired of taking pills, it works and it tastes great........and for no other reason.

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