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Fungus, Fatigue

I had gone to an allergist because I had a fungus under my disc fromt aking antibiotics and I got bronchitis. Everytime I take an antibiotic, I wake up with a fungus somewhere on my body. I had it very bad under my breast. I was given medication that didn't work. My friend told me she had a fungus under her fingernails and Colloidal Silver did wonders for her. I ordered it and stsarted taking it. I had taken one third of a bottle and the fungus went away. After taking Body Balance, for three months, I am much more energetic. I was forever tired and putting things off. Now, the energy I can not believe. I feel terrific and I try to tell all my friends because I want them to feel better, like I do. I just can't say enough good things about these products.

Henrietta Box

Titusville, FL


Fungus Fatigue

I am 80 years old and my energy level had been dropping. I wasn't used to that because I am apretty healthy person. I was always taking a handful of vitamins every morning. And it seemed everyone kidded me about it. I heard about Body Balance froma friend that started taking it. I left my vitamins alone and started taking Body Balance and withing a week or so I felt so much better. For 35 years I had a fungus problem under my nails and tried everthing. I put Colloidal Silver on them and immediately they started to grow out.

Dot Kempsie

Titusville, FL

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