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I was introduced to Body Balance in August 1998 at a Healthy Living Seminar with Jean Warner. Prior to that in 1995 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a muscle pain and fatigue disorder. It affects the person physically, and mentally, with extreme pain and fatigue. My health was deteriorating quickly and I didn't know how to stop it! I was diagnosed with blood clots on the heart valve and high blood pressure. I had been in the hospital every three months since last June. During this two evening seminar we learned about the Bible's diet; we learned that we are wonderfully made by God using dirt, which needs proper minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc. We can't replace these needed substances through diet or pills. I have been in the medical profession for twenty years and I knew that liquid meds are absorbed quicker and are better! My health had declines to the point of despair; I bought a quart of Life Force's Body Balance. On Saturday, August 29 th , 1998, I began taking two ounces every morning as instructed. I was afraid to tell my husband; for fear that he would think I was crazy! My husband and our whole church were praying for my complete recovery. I was learning all I could about each problem so I would be bale to help God manifest a healing for me! My prayer that Saturday morning was, “I have asked you to cure me, so that I may do your will & work. I am praying and believing this vitamin is what you have sent me to heal my body!” Now each morning I pray. “Thank you for the healing that is occurring in my body.” Body Balance is the greatest natural liquid vitamin I have ever witnessed! Prior to this vitamin I was on prescription pain medication and extra strength Tylenol at 12 noon daily just to make it through each day. I wore a wrist splint on my left wrist because of severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Since I have been taking Body Balance I haven't taken any pain medicines! My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is improving. My body is healing from the inside! Thank God! Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!

My husband also takes Body Balance. He is physically fit; he jogs, exercises & plays lots of basketball. He said “Now, I run out of oxygen long before I run out of energy!” He also stated that he knows that it converts the food he eats to energy quicker than before he took it! I feel great! I don't stay in the house or in bed all the time as I did! I am not hurting from Fibromyalgia like I was a month ago. Fibromyalgia patients need to boost their immune systems and get relief of their pain. We have more pain receptors closer to the skin surface. I am praying this product helps everybody as it has helped me!

Cynthia A. Whitaker- Grimes, LPN

Mount Pleasant, TN

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