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Diabetes/ Blood Sugar


The following testimonials are from people who have had outstanding experiences with the products. The testimonials were submitted in their own words and have not been altered. Life Force International has not endorsed these statements. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



God has been really good to me through the past 28 years of my diabetes. My eye doctor just cannot believe how good my eyes are, Praise the Lord!

In March 2002, Jill Emmons introduced me to Life Force. I started taking Body Balance and started feeling so much more energy. I then started taking Dream Away at night to help regulate my blood sugar! As I learned more and more about how wonderful the other products are, I started taking Amino Charge, Taheebo, True Greens, OsteoProCare and occasionally Colloidal Silver. Sunset and Sunbright, I feel alive again because of Life Force Products. I have decreased one of my Insulin Dosages by 1 unit.

I no longer drag out of bed. I feel so awesome, even with less sleep! I thank God for Life Force products

Karri K. Waite

Paonia, CO


Blood Sugar

I was introduced to the Life Force products in February of this year. A friend at work gave me a sample bottle. I was very interested to try the vitamins and minerals because I have been unable to take vitamins my whole life without feeling sick. So I have never really taken vitamins, I have tried many, many, supplements and spent lot of money on them, but they have a tendency to make me feel not very good.

When I first started taking Body Balance I felt the effect immediately, I felt so good. So I thought maybe I would look at some of the other products. I added Sunbright to what I was taking everyday. I work long hours. Usually fourteen hours a day, or more sometimes. With the Sunbright I felt an incredible, sustained, natural feeling of energy. Not anything that makes you hyper. I was still able to go to sleep when I wanted to.

Then I read a little about the Taheebo Tea, which helps with your blood. I have had trouble for four years. Using medications to try to manage my blood sugar level. Nothing was working. In May I decided to try to get off the medication and use the Taheebo Tea. I now have totally normal blood sugar. I let my doctor know and he was amazed. I have never felt better. Everybody knows it. They can tell just by looking at me. So I am really, really happy.

Laura Greenwood


Blood Sugar, Diabetes

I am diabetic. I started taking Body Balance in July 1998. At that time my blood sugar level was out of control (hyperglycemia). It was constantly above 50 and sometimes as high as 450. I was taking 20 mg of Glucophage, a day, yet my blood sugar levels remained high. Since July 1198, I have consistently taken Body Balance every day. Today, my blood sugar level is normal. I now only take one 4 mg tablet of Amaryl, once a day. The cost of the Body Balance is offset by not having to purchase expensive oral diabetic medication- which can cost as much as $7.00 per day. After starting Body Balance, I was given a complete blood panel test by my Endocrinologist. The only high reading was Hemoglobin AL blood sugar level, which averages, one's blood sugar over the preceding three months. My Endocrinologist was baffled since my blood sugar level had been so high and yet other body trace minerals and essential enzymes remained normal including cholesterol. I attribute all of that to taking Body Balance. A side benefit is that I have lost about 8lb., without dieting.

Lewis Nicholson, Pastor

Newport News, VA


Blood Sugar

I was diagnosed with diabetes June 02, 2002. My blood sugar was 500. Dr. was talking about insulin; I was put on pills for two months. I watched my diet, sugar still high, went on Body Balance/Taheebo. No sugar, no white anything, especially sugar and white flour were taken out of my diet. After 3 weeks my sugar was down enough for the Dr. to tell me I did not need to take my pills. I am so thankful for Life Force for their products. I started to do the cornerstones program after the seminar, and my blood sugar stayed at 94 almost constantly even in the middle of the day. Thanks.

Dorothy Goodwin


Arthritis, Diagnosed Osteoarthritis, Low Blood Sugar, Fatigue

I am a horse trainer and formerly played professional polo. I was hard on my body and when I turned 40, I developed major health problems. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis; I had Hypoglycemia, experienced symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression from the constant pain. I tried conventional and alternative therapies. None of them worked. God answered my prayers by sending me Life Force. I started on the Body Balance, OsteoProCare, followed by a Colon Cleanse. Within 3 weeks, I felt so much better. I am now pain free, I have energy all day and the depression is gone. I have my life back. I thank God everyday for Life Force. I haven't been back to the doctor, because I feel so great. Being able to share the products with others is incredible and this allows me to have a new career, which is rewarding in health and freedom. I don't have to go back to a job that kept us on the edge financially and was so hard on my body. With my health turn around and the business opportunity, I have a well-balanced, life with mind, body and spirit.

Grant Golliher,

Jackson, Wyoming


High Blood Pressure, Diabetes


I have been taking Body Balance for 169 months now, and it has made a dramatic difference in my health. I have suffered with high blood pressure for over twenty years and diabetes for over nine years. In June of 1996,my blood pressure was consistently running 180/98, even though I was taking 100 mg of Procadia, 100 mg Lopressor as well as Lasix. My blood sugar level was consistently 280 up to 400, despite medication. I watched my diet carefully and did all the doctors asked me to do, but to no avail. I was to the point where I was going to have to take insulin shots. It was in June of '96, and that I was introduced to Body Balance by a friend. This was the only thing that I did differently. In the year that has followed, my blood pressure slowly lowered until it is now regularly 123/76. Amazingly, my blood sugar count has dropped to 125/135 on a daily basis! I have been able to discontinue taking Lopressor, Procadia, and Lasix. I know maintain my blood pressure level with 10 mg of Norvaasc! My doctor has changed my diabetes medication to a much safer Glucophage and Glynase. In addition to that, I have more energy, sleep better, and just feel much better all around. This is why I am happy and confident to recommended Body Balance to anyone and everyone I meet.


Diabetes (Juvenile Onset)


In August of 1998, I began drinking 2 ounces of Body Balance daily on the recommendation of my neighbor. Having been born a juvenile diabetic. I remain acutely aware of my blood sugar level at all times. Larry stated that daily consumption of Body Balance would lower my blood sugar levels, as this product would work to balance my body chemistry.

I ardently doubted the likelihood this fusion of natural ingredients could effectually lower my insulin requirements. Frequent diets and a variety of medications have proven to have only a minimal impact on either my insulin requirements or only blood sugar levels.

Within four weeks of using this product it became apparent that I had experienced a 34 percent (244 to 170) remission in my blood sugar levels without any further alteration to my diet. I recommend Body Balance to anyone who experiences a need or desire to stabilize their body chemistry.

Alexandra Pitts

Virginia Beach, VA






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