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Cerebral Palsy


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Cerebral Palsy, Family Testimonies

I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 1. The #1 reason I was excited about Life Force is about my daughter who is 22. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and never developed any muscle tone. My sister told us about liquid nutrients and started giving them to my daughter immediately. I seems her allergies are improving and she isn't using any more nose drops as before. I'm excited to see her improve from the inside out.

My sister's hands are healed, my sister in-law has no more hot flashes; my other sister isn't depressed any more.

As for me, my fatigue is gone, everyday my feet hurt (they no longer do), I'm losing weight, I haven't had a cold all winter, my nails are stronger, my skin looks great, my emotions are stable and no menstrual cramping.

I thank God for this wonderful body he has given me. Now I have the very substance that will bring balance to everything in me and my family. Thank you Wayne and Gerri for sharing this product with the world. I was so sick and tired of being sick and tires, and now I feel GREAT!

Eleanor Velasquez




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