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Broken Bones/ Sprains/ Injuries


The following testimonials are from people who have had outstanding experiences with the products. The testimonials were submitted in their own words and have not been altered. Life Force International has not endorsed these statements. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Broken Bones, Overall Pain

I started in rodeo when I was 8 years old. I have broken bones, including my neck and have had many different injuries, including an amputated thumb, 4 concussions, and surgeries to repair torn ligaments and cartilage in my left elbow and knees. Due to these injuries, especially my neck injury, Ihave had chronic pain for the last 20 years.

In September of 2001, I was encouraged to try Body Balance and OsteoProCare. After being on the products for 5 ½ months, I finally noticed the headaches were diminishing in intensity and frequency. The pain in my knees and elbow also diminished. For the first time in 20 years, I had to feel almost normal that I had my life back.

Brent Baumann



Knee Injury

For me, evaluating nutritional supplementation has been easy. Why! Because my body is extremely sensitive to everything. Like anyone else who has sever or chronic pain, when you find something that works, you know it. I have lived with severe knee pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 32 years.

In May of 1966, I completed my active military duty and was reassigned to reserve status with my Squadron, at Alameda Naval Base, in California; I was excited about the transfer because I was picked to start training for my wings as an Air Crewman. Immediately, after completing my first phase of training, I was injured in a civilian job. A 4-ton hoist smashed me vertically into a steel bin, ending my military duty and eleven year career as an athlete. As a result of this injury, I was unable to walk without a cane or crutched for 6 years. It took four major surgeries and significant amounts of prescription drugs for 1 year to deal with the pain and swelling. The final solution the medical profession had to offer for my kneed instability was total knee fusion.

At this time, I was a pre medicine student on a university transfer program to Stanford University. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Upon the final recommendation of knee fusion, I quit pre medicine and no longer wanted to be an MD. I became disgusted with the idea of another surgery, more drugs and a stiff leg for the rest of my life. I started to look for alternative ways to heal myself. It took me 10 years to walk without a limp.

Fifteen years ago, an Orthopedic Surgeon wanted to perform a total knee replacement. However, through decompression hydrotherapy rehabilitation exercise, in a swimming pool, I have been able to maintain stability.

As I get older, with no cartilage and bone running one bone, my knee has become more degenerative from friction. As time goes by, it has become more difficult to walk and I am losing the ability to bend my knee. As this degenerative process continues, the pain level has increased to the point that is almost impossible to find a comfortable position.

After a consultation in May 1997, with Dr. Robert Klapper, Orthopedic Surgeon, at Cedar Sinai, I observed 2 total knee replacements he preformed and decided to have my knee replaced the day after Thanksgiving.

However, in September, an actor was injured on a Disney movie, in British Columbia, and I was brought in to help get him through the movie. What was supposed to be a 3-day stay, ended to be 2 months. The terrain was irregular, wet and cold, causing me a daily increase in pain. Many nights I could hardly walk. The only way I could sleep was to pack my knee in ice.

When I returned form Canada, I found out about OsteoProCare. I had been looking for a highly absorbable form of calcium. I was taking a chewable calcium and Chrondroitin/ Glucosamine supplement already, but it often created a bloating feeling and I felt I was not absorbing it.

After taking OsteoProCare for a few days, I started to feel much better. After a few weeks, I had less pain and better range of motion. OsteoProCare definitely made a significant difference for me. I could finally sleep without the nightly throbbing and pounding in my knee. The most interesting response was form my patients, many of whom knew of my problem because I walked with a severe limp. However, they began to notice that I was no longer walking with a limp. They wanted to know what I was doing to help myself. The answer, OsteoProCare. I take two tablespoons twice a day and find my body responds incredibly well. I have started to workout again and feel significantly better. I no longer plan to have knee surgery.

I've had extremely good results recommending OsteoProCare to my patients, particularly those with degenerative joint disease. Many of my arthritic patients believe it has turned back the time clock and they fell more mobile and younger. The life Force products are truly remarkable!

Dr. Leroy Perry, Co-Chairman, Life Force Medical Advisory Board



Post Polio, Post Spinal Operation, Kidney Removed, Broken Leg, Neck Problems, Arthritis, Sleep Difficulties, Sneezing (painful), Pain

Contracted Polio at 13 years of age.

Underwent a spinal operation at 26 due to an accident while nursing.

Had a kidney and rib removed at 40.

Broke right leg at 50, which healed slowly and is unstable.

Suffers neck problems due to a car accident.

Has suffered with arthritis for many years, being unable to close or open fingers fully.

Unable to sleep properly and suffered extreme fatigue for many years.

Recently seems to have pain everywhere.

Dreaded to sneeze because of extreme pain that once caused her to pass out.

Pat started taking “OsteoProCare” on 9 th of February, 2000 and “Body Balance” on the 11 th of February 2000. Below are reports of her various conditions before and one month after taking these two Life Force products.

Fingers and Thumbs

(Before) Painful, unable to open or close. Weak Grip.

(After) Able to open and close fully. No pain. Full strength.

Head and Neck

(Before) Movement restricted and painful

(After) Full movement, no pain.


(Before) Painful and tender

(After) No pain or tenderness.


(Before) Painful and Tender

(After) No pain or tenderness


(Before) Painful and tender

(After) Greatly improved, but some pain (two months later no pain)

Left Hip

(Before) Some pain

(After) No pain

Right Hip

(Before) Very painful

(After) No pain.

Right Leg Break

(Before) Painful and tender to touch

(After) No pain or tenderness

Right Big Toe

(Before) Painful

(After) No pain


(Before) Painful and slow

(After) No pain and faster


(Before) Tired Continuously

(After) Greatly improved


(Before) Extremely Painful

(After) No Pain




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