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ADD/ Eczema

This is my own personal experience using, Life Force International, Body Balance.

My son is seven years old son and is clinically diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Along with these problems he also is diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis, (severe eczema).

I have been on the road to wellness, for my son, from the time he was a toddler. We have seen medical doctors, dermatologists, herbologists, naturopathic practitioners and chiropractors. I used creams and concoctions that were supposed to help him with his problems. I tried a product called Kid3.Calm for children suffering from ADD and found some results with this product, but not what I expected. I also used a product called Tutor on my son. Also with some positive results. Our pediatrician put my son on a product called Dexedrine, for ADD, at a does of 10 mg in time-released capsules. He is also on a medication called Tegratol, for ODD, at a dose of 200 mg in the AM and 200 mg in evening.

At my son's school, I met a lady, who introduced me to Life Force International. I am very impressed by the results from the Body Balance. My son's skin cleared up and his demeanor is changed for the better. He has improved results in school. My son now pays attention in school when spoken to. He is able to get up in class and do presentations, focused on what he is doing. His teacher and aid also noticed a change in my son and both are impressed with the change.

My son is a great child who cares about people and has aspirations of being a paramedic some day.

At home I find that he is more calmer and plays better without the temper tantrums that come with his conditions.

I do not have to give him the 200 mg of Tegratol in the evenings because he is more calmer. His skin cleared up and he does not have to use the cortisone creams for his dermatitis. I believe these changes are from him using the Body Balance every day.

Body Balance lives up to my expiations and more. I am also using Body Balance and I noticed that I have more energy and feel healthier than I have in years. My metabolism has speeded up and I find that I am able to get more done in a day than I was able to do before I was on Body Balance.


Mr. Tarnowski



Bryse's Story

ADHD and the mineral connection. Parents and doctors alike now believe that diet and nutrition can play a key role in managing ADHD and learning disabilities. According to Dr. Gerald Olarsch, N.D. Learning disabilities are definitely linked to the fundamental lack of minerals in the body. Dr.Olarsch says this condition commonly appears in children as an extreme desire for salty and sugary foods. "Unfortunately for us, our boy temporarily translates sugar and salt consumption as a fulfillment of the craving for nutritional minerals."

Using iron deficiency as an example he says, "Low iron levels were found to impair judgment, reasoning ability and all aspects of left, brain activity, including scientific, mathematical spoken and written language skills."

Iron is the only one of the many nutrient deficiencies impacting the health of individuals. Clinically low levels of magnesium in the blood plasma are also associated with conditions of hyper-excitability and inattention in children. It has been estimated that up to 90 percent of children are magnesium deficient. The behavior problems associated with ADHD have also been linked to zinc deficiency. A Florida pediatrician claims notable success in treating children with ADHD with liquid supplements of electrolyte trace minerals and additional zinc.

These are just a few of the mineral deficiencies that are impacting the nutrition of children and adults alike. The body requires dozens of elements to function optimally and since it does not manufacture them all we must go to other sources.

Tanks to research efforts of Dr. Olarsch and many others we now have sufficient evidence to know the condition of ADHD and learning disabilities are related to mineral deficiency. This problem can be remedied quite simply with a regimen of mineral supplementation.

According to Peter Breggin, M.D., and his best selling book, Talking Back to Ritalin, he states Ritalin and other brain stimulants create severe biochemical imbalances. Stimulants do not "normalize the brain; they render it abnormal. Stimulants produce pathological malfunctions in the child's brain.

Dr. Breggin is an expert in the negative effects of drug therapy such as Ritalin. Dr. Breggin maintains that stimulants and amphetamines have an extremely negative impact on the brain- by reducing the overall blood flow, disturbing glucose metabolism, and possibly causing permanent shrinkage or atrophy of the brain. Ritalin as well as other stimulants produce a loss of various neurotransmitters changing the chemistry of the brain with irregular flow. Stimulants and amphetamines can impair the limbic system, the region of the brain that regulates and conveys emotional and mood to the cerebral cortex. The cortex controls intelligence, concentration and problem solving.

From age four to ten new learning experiences are recognized and reinforced through connections between brain cells. As a child learns new things, new connections form, and neuron development enhances. Ritalin and other stimulants can interrupt blood flow and connection between brain cells. Stimulants can worsen pre-existing tic disorders in children who have a risk for the disorder. A major problem in both children and adults using stimulant medications for Tourette's syndrome.

My son Bryse who is now 9 years old was diagnosed ADD over three years ago. He was put on medication 2 years ado and within 6 months, he had lost 15 pounds, which he couldn't afford to lose. The doctors just wanted to increase the medication. The doctors then switched him to Wellbutrin. Bryse started taking 50 mg in the morning then was gradually increasing his medication to 100 mg in the morning and another 100 mg in the afternoon.

Bryse had problems with focusing and concentrating; he could not even focus enough to get his schoolwork assignments done. He would go into fits of rage and then was completely out of control. I couldn't talk with him; it would take him half an hour or more to calm down. His handwriting was illegible, he was writing like a kindergartener instead of a third grader. He felt like he was different from other kids. His self-esteem was in the dumps.

I started Bryse on 1 oz of Body Balance, within one week, he was able to focus and finish school assignments for the first time in three years. His handwriting was like his classmates, He wasn't having the fits of rage that he used to have. When he did I could talk him through it. Bryse is now also off his medication. He has his self-esteem back and doesn't feel different anymore. Thank you Body Balance and Life Force for giving me my son back. God Bless!

Jamie Wise

Victor, ID

This page was written by Bryse for his 3rd grade class. Bryse has been diagnosed with severe ADD (attention deficit disorder). The left column was written on 01/04/02. The right column was written 6 days later on 01/10/02 after just six days on Body Balance- a liquid mineral/ nutritional product.

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