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Serious Health Resources

Health is Bigger than just Treating the Symptoms.

The best of what I know is right here on my web site. My approach is to deal with the whole person. The body knows what to do if you give it the whole foods it was designed for and set it up right. What made you is what heals you. More and more people are sick now from having eaten a life of demineralized and tampered with foods. Disease comes from a whole life and life style, including stress, medications, diet and who knows what else. Therefore, it is a full on effort to heal.

Facts: 90% of all people will die of degenerative diseases 90% of that could have been prevented from life controllable factors. 90% of all medical dollars are spent in the last 30 days of people’s lives.

The Broad Brush Stroke is:

REBUILD: Remineralize your body with Body Balance

CLEANSE: Clean out the toxins with the Life Force Colon Cleanse Program and remove insults from your diet – read The Alkalarian Diet

NOURISH: Supplement your diet with good nutrients by adding in the Life Force whole food products that are in Holly’s Morning Shake. Get in good nutrition, follow The Delicious Alkaline Diet, and read 'Food is Your Best Medicine' by Henry Bieler and ‘The Two Week Detox Diet’ by Maggie Pannell, (see below).

'The body doesn't need any help, it just doesn't need any interference." My Recommended Wellness Program tells you what you need to know to set your body up right so that it can heal.

This program works for the Health-Challenged to the Healthy. If you are more health challenged, go to: Further Reading and Other Resources and read Health Formula is Always the Same and order the tape, PH The Secret to Perfect Health.

Enjoy the journey. You pay for your health now….or you pay for it later!

Order the books below and follow the Recommended Wellness Program to a tee. The information in the books, tapes and clinics below will teach you how to heal and change your life forever.

Order these Books. Every one of them is GREAT

The Two Week Detox Diet by Maggie Pannel

Eating Alive 11 by John Matsen

Food is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler

The Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg

Toxic Relief by Don Colbert

Sick and Tired by Robert Young

Back to the House of Health by Shelly Young great recipe book

Stop Inflamation Now by Richard Fleming, M.D.

NO More Heart Disease by Ignaro

There are 5 clinics for people who are in need of an alternative approach to serious health challenges.

Clinics: 1) Joel Fuhrman's fasting clinic in New Jersey. The phone number is 800-474-9355. 2) OptimumHealth Institute detox clinic in San Diego, CA . The phone number there is 619-464-3346.

There is another Optimum Health Institute detox clinic in Austin, TX.

The phone number is

3) The True North Center in northern California. The phone number there is 707-792-2325.

4) Royl - Rest of Your Life in Texas. The phone number is 830-234-3488. Their e-mail is drhaag@roylretreat.com

5) Sanoviv in Mexico near San Diego. The phone number is 801-954-7600

Also, on my web site under Further Reading and Other Resources, is the recording of my Wellness Interview - Black Belt which is my personal story of getting my life back, plus all the details on how to do the Cell Saturation with Body Balance.

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