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Chart of Amazing Shake Results


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The blue bars represent mental clarity, energy, and hunger the day before the shake. Green bars represents how people felt 4 hours after taking the shake. These results were collected during one of Holly's trainings in Ft. Collins, CO, in June of 2008, where 45 people attended. The hunger levels not only were much lower, but we had to postpone lunch for two hours because no one was hungry!

Feeding your body with the nutrients that it is designed for not only creates an amazing sense of well-being, but also the shake pays for itself. Here's how:

The average person spends approximately $100 per week on food, so about $400 per month. People typically tell me after taking the shake for a period of time that they eat 30-50% less. The reason being that they are getting so well nourished that they are not hungry for the filler foods.

If we take the conservative side and take 30% and apply that to the $400 monthly grocery bills, that equates to $130 savings in a month.

Before the shake, people also noted that they spent between $2 and $7 per day on non-grocery items, such as a PowerBar, a muffin, a chai or coffee, chips, etc. If we take a conservative $3 a day spent on these snacks times 30 days equals $90 a month spent on non-grocery items.

People remark after taking the shake that they do not need or want to snack anymore because they're being so nourished. If you add the $90 saved from the non-grocery snacks to the $130 savings from eating less every month, you end up saving $220 per month! A month's supply of the shake costs $195 plus shipping and handling. You can see that the shake pays for itself!

This does not include the sense of wellness that ranges from energy, mental clarity, eating and sleeping less, food cravings diminishing and often disappearing and emotional stability that people consistently report when taking the shake. (See chart above.)

It also handles the breakfast question of what to eat, and starts the day knowing that you have given your body the best possible nutrition available and what it needs for the day.

People ask, "Is this program expensive?" I always say, "No, it's priceless."

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