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Holly's Dream Letter

It’s All in the Dream

by Holly Wheeler

When I think about the life I now have, thanks to Life Force, it stuns me, it’s so new. It’s the most extraordinary gift to have the three most coveted qualities of life…. every single day, physical health, extraordinary financial wealth for the rest of my life, and the time for my heart’s desire. Most people spend their whole life trying to attain any one of these, and all three together are nearly impossible to achieve outside our industry. Now, each day I wake up and live my dreams instead of dreaming them. An unimaginable blessing that is going to take some time getting used to.

The miracle for me is that ‘later’ has finally arrived. I am pulling out my dreams one by one, looking at them like imaginary friends, ones I thought I’d never know. Dreams like being healthy enough to have a relationship. What a concept and one that I can now entertain. I never dreamed I’d have great wealth, wealth that I am proud of because I earned it myself and because I know what every dollar means in someone else’s life. I never imagined what it would be like, not having to answer to anyone for my time and what to do with it, except God. Gifts I am now graced with.

The obvious realization is that I didn’t get here by myself. And that’s my joy. I have been introduced on this journey to a wide and wonderful circle of people whom I never would have met otherwise and whom I have come to love and count on as dear friends. When it’s all said and done, friends and love is all there is. The people who are naturally drawn to this industry are extraordinary by nature. They are what I call the Green Berets of the ‘Black Sheep’; caring, courageous and willing to go the extra mile. And now I have a life in front of me to share with a whole gaggle of these extraordinary people. Another unexpected and delightful blessing.

I remember my father’s words just before he died, “Choose your friends wisely for they will shape your life.” How was I to know that the wisdom of his words would be the blessings of my Life Force life some forty years later.

Yes, I live in a lovely home, which is my sanctuary. It is filled with books that have been waiting patiently. My bike and my horse buggy for my old gray mare will be glad to see me again. My skis and snorkel gear, drawing tablets and a drafting table, art projects, yoga mats, guitar and piano have all been more decorations and dust catchers these last four years than not. It’s just the way I did it. I have always been an all or nothing kinda girl and when I finally realized what Life Force was offering, a chance to own my life across the board, I was driven on every level to put my life in order once and for all.

It was a choice I made to just go for it because I knew I could. All the pieces were there. I saw and understood what Life Force really was, a company with every thing in place, the best products, the best compensation plan the industry has ever seen, and a family who had a dream that built a brilliant business based on love. I got it and ran with it. I proved it to be true and have earned the coveted golden fleece, Time. The best things in life are free and more precious to me because they were hard won.

I now have a life of choice where I can take out my dreams one by one and dust them off. The struggle is over. I have my life back both physically and financially and now I have to answer my own question, “If time and money and health were not an issue, what would I do.” It’s a huge question.

I am learning about this gift of time and the space it creates for passion, creativity, patience and love. My creativity is ready to dance and I am starting to find a new balance in my life like we ‘Learned in Kindergarten, sing a little, dance a little, work a little, play a little, hold hands when crossing the street…”

I am breaking new ground again and asking myself, “How now shall I live,” and my deepest question, “What would answer my heart’s desire.”…and it’s always the same...

The subject tonight is Love

And for tomorrow night as well.

As a matter of fact I know of no better topic

For us to discuss

Until we all Die!


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