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Holly is a Clinical Nutritionist with 9 years of college education to include two years of postgraduate work at Bellevue Medical College in New York City.  Holly was founder and owner of one of the first alternative health clinics in Boulder, CO in the early 1980's – Boulder Body Chemistry.

Her passion for nutrition led her to conduct over 20 years of extensive research on the behalf of others and herself.  She had struggled with fatigue since her twenties as a result of having taken antibiotics for 13 years which destroyed her immune system. It was a preventive measure for acne prevention which she never had.  As the years went by and the severity of her illness became more debilitating, she finally moved from Boulder to the Western slope of Colorado as she says "to basically live out my days".  It was there that she found the Life Force products in 1999.  Holly says "The rare earth minerals in Body Balance were and the only thing I had not uncovered in my search for health. They were the missing link that got my life back."

Today, Holly knows well that miracles do happen.  She has her health back and has achieved the top position with Life Force- CROWN DIAMOND . She has developed and conducted in depth four day trainings for the last 4 years in Colorado , Wyoming and California .

Holly has helped thousands of people recover their health and learn the different elements needed to set their bodies up right for life long optimum health.   Holly's lifetime of work has given her the understanding of the essential components of nutrition as it relates to total health and wellness and that is what she teaches; total life health.  Her curiosity to learn and willingness to share her knowledge has always been her "heart's desire." Her commitment to her desire has evolved into what she says is “Life Force is not a business, it is a way of life to me. I have energy, creativity and passion for everything I do and helping other people have the same. What a blessing and what an unexpected gift ."


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