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Heavy Metals

Lead, Arsenic, Aluminum and Mercury…Vital Trace Elements or Toxic Poisons

by Dr. William J. Saccoman

Did you know that an apple contains 3-5 mg of aluminum and trace amounts of lead, arsenic and mercury. Micro or trace minerals are essential for good health if they come from an organic or plant source. In contrast, if they come from an inorganic or metallic source, such as heavy metals, they are toxic. For example, iodine in an organic form is necessary for health. Non-organic or metallic iodine in the same amount can kill you.

Why are people frightened of these trace minerals? The reason is well understood. There have been numerous deaths and birth defects caused by heavy metal poisoning from metals such as lead. People have used arsenic as a poison and pesticide for centuries. The news is filled with grim reports about these substances. However, little is said about the all-critical source. Is it organic or inorganic?

Organic trace minerals are not deposited in the body like inorganic forms of these elements. Research shows that organic plant-derived trace minerals will actually replace the heavy metals deposited in the body. The heavy metals are then flushed from the body.

There is a huge difference between an organic and an inorganic mineral. Once a plant source utilizes minerals from the ground, they are digested, making them ionic or electrical in nature. This makes it easier for the body to assimilate and use the minerals at a cellular level. Subsequently, they are not stored or deposited somewhere else in the body. Trace minerals in their inorganic form are not easy for the body to use. They are stored in the tissues and eventually large amounts build up and become extremely toxic.

In the late 1980’s an interesting experiment was conducted by Gary Price Todd, MD, author of the book Nutrition, Health and Disease. The study involved individuals with heavy metal poisoning, specifically lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminum. Patients were placed on a program of all spectrum bio-available, organic, micro trace minerals. After 16 months the study demonstrated reduced levels of toxic metals in the patients. They concluded that organic tonic minerals naturally chelate or remove the inorganic minerals from the body.

Furthermore, ionic minerals cannot be stored in the body for longer than a few hours; they are much like the water soluble vitamins; therefore, they cannot build up to toxic levels in the soft tissues. (Todd, Gary P. Unpublished Observations. In The Institute of Nutritional Science Journal. June 1996, 1:1).

Another study on trace minerals and detoxification was conducted by Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Chief of Staff of the Specialized Clinic for Chronic Illnesses and Therapy Resistant Patients and Biophysicist. Dr. Fitz-Alber Popp in Uberlingen, Germany. They concluded that trace minerals were not toxic, but rather assisted the cell’s vital functions and enhanced detoxification as well as accelerate the healing process of chronic illness. (Popp, Fritz-Albert. Bio-electronic Response of Cellular Stimulation).

Like lead, mercury and other metals, arsenic is toxic when comes from an inorganic source. However, from an organic source, it is an essential micro-mineral needed by the body in minute quantities (The Nutrition Bible, Jean Anderson and Barbara Doeskins, 1995). In a recent study where arsenic was given to 12 patients with leukemia, it went into remission. The treatment apparently stops cancer cells from re-producing and then they self-destruct (New England Journal of Medicine, November 1998).

There is reason these minerals are called trace minerals – the body needs them in trace amounts. Next time you find these elements on the label of a product or the food you eat, don’t be frightened. Find out whether or not they come from an organic (plant) or inorganic (metallic) source. If the source is inorganic (like the minerals found in most tap water) be very afraid. If the product you’re taking is Body Balance, be assured the trace minerals are organic, essential and 100% safe.

Disclaimer: This article was taken from another source. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor have they been reviewed, approved or endorsed by Life Force International.

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