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Health Formula is Always the Same


Read the Cell Saturation and Wellness Program thoroughly. The truth is, the formula is always the same. Follow it to a tee!!!!

Also, find the Alkaline Diet and follow that.

Get the books Sick and Tired by Robert Young and the companion book Back to the House of Health, written by his wife Shelly Young. You can get both from Amazon.com and/or call your local bookstore to order them for you.

Also, get the tape, which used to be called Medical Science is Killing You and is now called PH the Secret to Perfect Health from your upline. It is a 2 tape series, so the set costs $2. You can also order them for yourself (or go in on it with a group), by calling Greg Ciola at Crusader News Letter in Florida at 800 593-6273 with a minimum purchase of $50 plus shipping.

I promise you, you will change lives if you just hand them out. It is the best tape I have ever heard on how the body works and why it degenerates. It should be mandatory listening for everyone. If you like what you hear on the tape, you can actually call Gary Tunski, who is the speaker on the tape, and make an appointment for a private consultation ( 972-670-6778) He's expensive, but what's the cost of life.

If you eat more than 30% cooked foods (vs. raw), I recommend a good broad-spectrum enzyme with meals. In my opinion, Betaine and Ultrazyme are two good choices to support your digestion and both can be purchased at your local health food store.

For those who have health challenges and digestive problems, I recommend including a high potency probiotic. Probiotics are different from enzymes as they are simply “Friendly Flora” which is essential for digestion. It is the good bacteria in our gut that processes our food. When our bodies are too acidic, our PH balance becomes out of whack and opens the doors for disease. The above books are essential to having a healthy and vibrant life and, in my opinion, contain the information we all need to know to understand the pathology of disease and how to greatly increase the odds of preventing it.

Microbes are another important element essential for a healthy digestive tract. It has been recently discovered that pasteurization, homogenization, herbicides and pesticides destroy these important elements in our food. In my opinion, Primal Defense, which can also be purchased at your health food store, is an excellent way to ensure microbe health. You can learn more about it at Garden for Life.

These are the steps it takes to regain the internal terrain of the body so that it can do what it's set up and knows how to do. The Health Formula is always the same. Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself. The Life Force products are only ONE of the essential elements in the health quotient. There are at least 10 others!! Listen to the PH, The Secrets to Perfect Health tape.

I know this is a lot to absorb but the more you do the better health results you will get. It's a process. What many of us are learning is that what we have been doing is not working. This information is not readily known or easily found. Back to the House of Health is a great place to start. Be patient it takes time to make these kinds of changes.

In Health and Love,
Holly Wheeler
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