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Why Dietary Supplements?


1. Overwhelming Evidence of the Need for Nutritional Supplementation. The US Senate Document #264 and the 1992 Earth Summit Report document an 85% mineral depletion of our farm and range soils, over the past 100 years in North America. Based on the above percentages, the grasses and vegetation that the animals eat and the fruits and vegetables that we eat are deficient in minerals and vitamin content and therefore we are also mineral and vitamin deficient in all the foods we eat.

2. Startling Farming Methods. Fruits and vegetables are cultivated using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and waste contaminants. Harvested prematurely and artificially ripened, they are then sprayed, processed, radiated and coated with toxic chemicals to improve their appearance and prolong their shelf life. Actual nutritional values for land vegetables are highly questionable.

3. Frightening Livestock Production Practices. Beef, poultry and pork are loaded with antibiotics, hormones, steroids, drugs and toxic chemicals to reduce the risk of disease in overcrowded pens and to increase yield. These substances accumulate in our bodies, interfere with normal body functions, trigger abnormal immune responses, and are often known carcinogens. As well, the ‘transfer' of antibiotics from animals to humans is resulting in bacteria and viruses that have adapted to antibiotics, thus reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics taken by humans.

4. Alarming Increase in Immune System Disorders. Over the past 5 years, the incidence of immune system disorders has increased more than 200%.

5. Hectic Lifestyles. Stress, pressure, jobs, finances, family, crime, taxes, divorce…all rob us of vital energy and essential nutrients.

6. Overweight. Studies suggest that as many as 60% of North Americans are overweight. Excess weight is a major cause of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

7. Fatigue and Lack of Energy. Doctors report that the number one health complaint is extreme fatigue and lack of energy.

8. Bowel Irregularities. Stagnating waste poisons every organ of the body, making life miserable.

9. Environmental Pollution. The air we breathe and the water we drink are highly contaminated.

10. Substance Abuse. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs all have horrible side effects.


What to Look for in a Dietary Supplement

Whole Food The body BEST recognizes whole food or whole food sourced dietary supplementation. The body KNOWS what to do with food, and it readily assimilates and utilizes foods. Synthetic nutrients formulated in a lab are no comparison to a spectrum of naturally occurring phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids etc. which are found in abundance in whole food dietary supplements.

Liquid Form When a whole food dietary supplement is in a liquid (ionic) solution, up to 98% of the nutrients are available for absorption and utilization by the body. On page 1542 of the Physicians Desk Reference (considered to be the medical ‘Bible') it shows that vitamins and minerals in pill form are only 10% to 20% absorbed by the body. This means for every $100 you are spending for nutrients, you are literally flushing about $80 to $90 of it down the drain.

Natural and Complete - Of the many whole food sources of nutrients available Sea Vegetables are the most mineral and vitamin rich plants on the planet. Liquid seaweeds actually contain more vitamins and minerals than any other land vegetation. This is because the nutrients are pre-digested by the plants and in an ionic state. This makes them highly bio-available due to the similar saline composition of our body's fluids. This allows for immediate use at the cellular level to rebuild the body.

Whole Food Dietary Supplements are SAFE They are the vegetables in your diet…a vital part of your grocery budget. For pregnant women a whole food product is the best prenatal supplement she can use. Dietary supplements in liquid whole food form may also increase the efficiency of diets, medicines and herbs, while reducing the time required to achieve desired results.

Minerals play a Vital Role in Wellness. So how do Minerals exist in Nature ? Minerals exist in essentially two forms, organic and inorganic. Since humans are "organic beings" organic minerals are far preferred by the body. Inorganic minerals can be used, but must be converted to organic usually by a "chelation process." Chelation attaches an organic carrier so that it can be transported through cell walls. Excellent chelating agents include organic acids such as amino acids and orotic acid.

Why Sea Vegetables ? With the passage of untold millennia, vast amounts of life-sustaining minerals have washed into the sea. In the process of converting sunlight to energy, sea vegetables reabsorb these nutrients and organically bind them in an ionic state. In contrast, modern farming practices have depleted our soils of essential nutrients, so sea vegetables are far superior to land vegetables. Additionally, minerals that are toxic in their natural state, such as iodine, arsenic and aluminum are neutralized by the sea vegetables making them beneficial and harmless. For example, iodine in its pure form is poisonous; however, in its ionic form it creates an essential nutrient for health.

When and Where should they be Harvested ? Sea vegetables should be harvested only when fully-ripened, and from the pristine waters of the Arctic From what is referred to as the “Regeneration Zone” hundreds of feet below the surface. Free from herbicides, pesticides and heavy metal contamination, these areas are in a constant state of nutrient enrichment.

Blending with Aloe Vera . Blending sea vegetables with Aloe Vera juice would add to the nutritional value of the dietary supplement. Aloe Vera should be whole leaf, cold processed Aloe Vera juice that is certified by the International Aloe Science Council and rated Kosher for purity. A recent survey found that Aloe Vera is the most popular organic remedy on earth. One prominent physician suggested, “If Aloe Vera were to be discovered today, it would be hailed as the wonder drug of this century.” Mounting research agrees that Aloe Vera has powerful healing and soothing properties. This recognition is largely due to its ability to clean morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and small intestines.

Although there are over 200 species of aloe, one of the best is Aloe Barbadensis, which contains over 75 nutritional compounds including vitamins, minerals and 18 amino acids. One of the top rated vegetable sources of vitamin B12, Aloe is also an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, niacinamide and choline. It has long been used for ailments ranging from cuts, burns and bruises to digestive and intestinal irregularities.

Oxygen at the cellular level is essential to growth and life, and Aloe Vera contains more oxygen molecules than the fluids of any other plant. Dr Steve Levine reports in Antioxidant Adaptations: Its Role in Free Radical Pathology, 1985 , “Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.” Dr Otto Warbur, twice Nobel Laureate, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer. He states, “The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a relative lack of oxygen. Cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.”

Black Cherry and Honey are also a source of rich nutrients. Black cherry has been shown to reduce uric acid levels in the body, while bee honey is an excellent source of B complex vitamins, royal jelly, propolis and pollen.

Benefits of Sea Vegetables blended with Aloe Vera

1. Contains Every Essential Nutrient in Nature's Perfect Balance.

*Vitamins *Macro Minerals *Trace Minerals *Amino Acids

*Essential Fatty Acids *Rare Earth Minerals *Enzymes

2. Cleanses the Colon and Normalizes pH Levels.

*Facilitates Elimination *Enhances Assimilation *Improves Absorption.

3. Supports the Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems.

*Detoxifies *Nourishes *Promotes Healing

4. Supports the Immune System.

*Fortifies the body with essential nutrients needed to fight disease.

5. Supports the Nervous System.

*Fights the effects of stress *Improves vitality *Promotes a feeling of well-being

6. Supports Metabolic Processes.

*Facilitates Digestion *Reduces Cravings *Nourishes the Glandular System

7. Increases Oxygen at the Cellular Level.

* Promotes Energy *Combats Aging *Promotes Stamina *Supports Memory

8. Excellent Source of Antioxidants.

*Contains free radical scavengers known to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and strokes.

9. Anti-inflammatory Properties.

*Reduces Inflammation in Arthritis *Reduces Inflammation in Sports Injuries *Relief from Inflammatory Diseases

10. Combats Side Effects of Harmful Substances.

*Alcohol *Tobacco *Drugs *Environmental Pollutants


This information is for educational purposes and is neither designed nor intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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