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Crown To Be or Not To Be

For Your Financial Health

For people interested in sharing the products and Life Force as a business, I have recorded a set of trainings called Crown To Be or Not To Be, which is my intensive training on every aspect of how to do Life Force as a business. It is 13 sessions (2 hours each), a total of 26 hours. 

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Crown Call Session #1 [Download] or listen now:
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Here's What People Said About This Training:

My love and gratitude flow to you.  I have been benefiting from the rich nutritional gifts of Body Balance for almost 4 years.  I have recommended it to a few family and friends and they love the products of Life Force, as well, but I did not attempt to build a business.  In April 2004, I decided to leave my full time job, with a small nest-egg to live on for about nine months, confident that I could I could build a replacement income of $2500 per month before my reserve ran out.  I read testimonials of some people in Life Force who reported that they had been able to do this, so I thought that I could do it also. I intensely absorbed many different marketing and self-development resources.  They were all good and useful PARTS, but there was no BLUEPRINT as detailed and complete as yours.   I realize, now, that I did not see the necessary, but more difficult challenges that I would need to meet in order actually realize my dream of freedom and independence.  Your course has provided the heart-centered blueprint structure that I need to succeed!  I may have to return to work, but now I can see how to build a "lavish, steady, dependable income" as I provide a means-whereby many others can achieve physical and financial health.  Thank you so much!
The 13 session coaching series by Holly Wheeler, Clinical Nutritionist and Crown Diamond, entitled "Crown, To Be or Not to Be", has literally been a life-changing experience for me. Immersing myself in this training has been a profoundly positive growth experience reaching into every aspect of my life, my business, and who I am becoming. The privilege of being one of the three active participants required cultivating a high level of focus and self-discipline. I can honestly say I am happier, more confident, healthier and certainly more educated as a result of this experience.  Holly beautifully and skillfully exemplifies the mastery possible in this remarkable industry with clarity, heart, consistency and brilliance as she embodies and shares the vast experience. The practical, complete, hands-on approach of this training, detailing every tool, handout, website and resource available makes me feel richly equipped with what is needed to work effectively with people, one person at a time, with heart. By doing the homework and recommendations, I have experienced growth in all areas – self-healing and personal development to organization and time management, relationship and communication skills, and the nuts and bolts of successful network marketing, such as follow-up, learning how to tell a good health or business story, prospecting, qualifying, coaching and empowering. The teamwork participation of Julie, Sid and myself makes this training so real, user-friendly, and what this "business" is all about! I also want to add that my diet and way of caring for myself has evolved by practicing the " Recommended  Wellness Program" and by receiving such excellent coaching and support from Holly and Charlie in the area of wholesome eating and the cleansing and rebuilding process to health. I highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to further their lives and master their business in this field of vibrant wellness and human potential. 
Thank you and God bless. Dhyana Bohnet , Kenwood, CA
Thank you so much for the 13 sessions.  I have completed listening to them, took notes and thoroughly enjoyed the format.  Deanna, Sid and Julie were a great encouragement to me as they shared and grew, and all the pieces Charlie brought to the table were very informative and personal.  I took notes, now I need to start!  Your passion and love is the driving force behind these calls and your determination encourages me to get a move on it.  I have been in business for myself but this is much different.  This really takes personal development and determination to be organized and gutsy.  It's eveything I have dreamed about, so now, after flying by the seat of my pants for 54 years, I have still have the best years of my life to look forward to and I can do this!  Sometimes I don't think I have it in me but I can't let negative thoughts get in my way.  I know that this particular business and company is a blessing and I feel that my God is using me to help others be well and free physically, spiritually and financially.  I know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Thank you again.  I believe that it was meant to be for me to contact you and that these sessions were just done for me!!  The timing was perfect.  What a blessing.  You are an inspiration and a blessing to me.  I pray that I will be the same to many. Blessings, Susan Hetrick
This is not a Meat and Potatoes course. Holly and her team on the calls laid out a banquet of raw information for the mind body and soul to feed upon! No matter where you are in the Life Force family, you will find the fuel to take you and your group to the next level! I highly recommend you take the time and listen to this series of powerful teachings. They will get you focused and on track to the Crown Diamond Level.       
Bill Dever, Illinois
To be or not to be… that really is the question. In this series of calls, Holly delves deep into the details and fundamentals of how to do this business. Not only does she share her knowledge and experience, but she shows what this business is really about: building relationships with people and getting in there with them to assist them in achieving their life's dreams and purpose. These calls have literally changed the course of my business. Through these calls, I feel more equipped to coach people and ask the questions that empower people to make the decisions and commitments that support them in their lives. I have also learned the nuts and bolts of what this business takes. Holly is inspiring and passionate and embodies who we all can be. And that is the question. Who DO we want to be? What do we want to create with our lives? And what are we willing to do to get there?
Being in the Crown Training this past month has been an amazing experience for me.  In one month I have transformed from being nervous about being in the spotlight and leading intro meetings to being confident that I have the training and information that I need to be successful in my Life Force business in any given situation.  Wow!  I had heard all of the information before, but I feel like I finally integrated it on a new level where I can turn around and teach it to others.   As a result of my confidence I have scheduled for this month in Marin 3 intro meetings and 2 business builder meetings and I am off to Louisiana to lead 3 meetings there.  
This was phenomenal growth for me as a result of the groundwork you have taught me. I have learned that practice is key and these calls were a great venue to practice and be witnessed and supported at the same time. I know in my heart that your unwavering belief and commitment to my success has been the cornerstone of my growth.  You believed in me and held my hand until I found the belief in myself. I think that belief and commitment may be the single most important thing for success. Without belief all the learning, teaching, training, and action that you take, won't go very far.   I got a call from Shannon, who is in my downline, and she wanted me to know that she understands how I feel about your personal support to me, because she feels that same belief and commitment from me.  This is how we do it.  We learn to believe in ourselves and then share that belief with others, one person at a time. This is the grace of this business, which has become a beautiful way of life for me.
Love and Gratitude, Julie, Mill Valley, CA
"The gift that Holly has given me in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience in her journey to becoming a Life Force International Crown Diamond is priceless. When Holly speaks from her heart and her wisdom, she gives me general and specific guidance that helps me understand that my commitment and hard work will take me to the top! Equally important is Holly's vision of a new way of doing business and making incredible inroads into improving the wellness of the people of our world. This training was the teaching  of Holly’s life work which provided me with profound insights into our eating and nutrition…information that is invaluable not only for myself but also in the work I do coaching others towards their wellness."
Blessings, Arlene


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